Great interest in Turkish TV series in Kyrgyzstan: Kyrgyz dubbing team was established.

Tv channels in Kyrgyzstan have began to compete with one another to broadcast Turkish serials, that are highly regarded amongst Kyrgyz households.

Kyrgyz viewers have had the chance to look at Turkish series on virtually each channel for the reason that starting of the coronovirus epidemic.

Whereas Russian-dubbed Turkish serials had been dominant on tv channels in the nation, Turkish serials with historic themes had been translated into Kyrgyz at tv studios.


Ermek Kazibekov, who was initially a stage actor and labored in the dubbing team, used the next statements:

“{People}’s demand for Turkish TV series to be translated into Kyrgyz has elevated significantly. So we fashioned a team for dubbing.”

Kazibekov, who labored in state theaters after graduating from the Kyrgyz Turkish Manas College in the capital Bishkek, said that the dubbing team carried out their work outdoors of their predominant occupation.

He stated that he and his teammates had been doing this job beneath the sponsorship of a businessman.


Saying that because the dubbing team, they determined to work on the historic TV series The Great Seljuk: Awakening, Kazibekov emphasised that translating the TV series into Kyrgyz was to serve the state and the nation.

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He additionally expressed that he was shocked to see the native family home equipment and devices of the Kyrgyz folks used in the series.

Great interest in Turkish TV series in Kyrgyzstan: Kyrgyz dubbing team was established.  #2


Noting that they plan to dub the TV series Diriliş Ertuğrul and Payitaht Abdülhamid after the Great Seljuk TV series, Kazibekov additionally said that they need to shoot a Kyrgyz TV series that may strengthen the Kyrgyz-Turkish unity.

Great interest in Turkish TV series in Kyrgyzstan: Kyrgyz dubbing team was established VIDEO


Kazibekov, “When translating the dialogues into Kyrgyz, I wish to emphasize that nearly half of the phrases are much like the phrases in Kyrgyz.” stated.

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