GARDASIL IM Suspension for Injection

Brief information and prospectus documents for Gardasil IM (Indications, what is Gardasil, what to do before starting the drug, whether it is suitable for use in breastfeeding or pregnant women; interaction, drawbacks; benefits, storage conditions; usage; dosage of GARDASIL IM, side effects, unwanted It covers the things you need to know about GARDASIL IM, such as what to do about the effects and recommendations.) Instructions for use of GARDASIL IM Suspension for Injection (drug leaflet) Human Papillomavirus Vaccine (Recombinant, adsorbed) Intramuscularly administered. • Active ingredient: in 1 dose (0.5 mL); HPV1 Type 6 L1 Protein 2.3 20 micrograms HPV1 Type 11 L1 Protein 2.3 40 micrograms HPV1 Type 16 L1 Protein

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