EZATOR 10/10 mg Film-Coated Tablet

EZATOR 10/10 mg Film-Coated Tablet, respectively; It is classified as Cardiovascular System, Lipid Metabolism Effective Drugs, Lipid Metabolism Effective Drugs (Combinations), HMG CoA reductase inhibitors and other lipid modifying drug combinations and atorvastatin + ezetimibe, and it is among the licensed drugs in the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency with the ATC code C10BA05. EZATOR 10/10 mg, which you can obtain from the pharmacy with a normal prescription, is a product of NEUTEC ILAC SANAYİ. Brief information and prospectus documents for EZATOR 10/10 mg (Indications, what drug is EZATOR; what to follow before starting the drug, whether its use is suitable for those who are breastfeeding or pregnant; interaction, drawbacks; benefits, storage conditions; usage; EZATOR dosage; side effects , undesirable

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