Four causes of ear pain you need to know

Ear pain is one of the most typical issues, leading to hundreds of thousands of visits to hospitals annually.

Ear pain can have many causes that require care and remedy. Listed below are the most typical causes of ear pain you ought to know.


An outer ear an infection, also called otitis externa, is a pores and skin an infection within the ear canal. It is usually referred to as “swimmer’s ear illness” as a result of it probably happens when water turns into trapped within the ear canal after which colonizes with micro organism and causes an an infection. This may occur whereas swimming and even having a shower.

Otitis externa signs embody ear pain, swelling within the ear canal, and ear discharge. The commonest remedy is antibiotic drops.


Otitis media, also called otitis media, is an an infection of the center ear within the area behind the eardrum. Otitis media is extra frequent in kids than adults. Aside from well being checkups, that is the most typical motive dad and mom take their kids to a healthcare skilled.

Exterior otitis media happens when fluid within the ear is colonized with micro organism from the higher respiratory tract. It may additionally happen when a toddler is congested from a viral higher respiratory an infection (such because the frequent chilly) and mucus settles within the center ear and turns into contaminated.

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In older kids, otitis media often heals by itself with out antibiotics. Nevertheless, antibiotic remedy is often utilized in younger kids, kids at excessive danger of fever, and youngsters with recurrent ear infections.

Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

The Eustachian tube is a small tube that connects your center ear to the again of your nostril and throat. The Eustachian tube helps cut back the danger of center ear an infection by pulling extra fluid out of your center ear. It additionally helps equalize the strain in your ears when you encounter strain adjustments, so your ears will grow to be blocked when you change altitude or swim in deep water.

Eustachian tube dysfunction happens when the tube closes and prevents the strain within the center ear from balancing.

Eustachian tube dysfunction can often be handled with medicines. Sufferers may also do “eustachian tube workout routines” to forestall ear congestion.


One of the much less frequent however extra critical causes of ear pain is a situation referred to as mastoiditis. The mastoid bone is positioned simply behind the ear and attaches to the cranium. This bone helps the fragile constructions of the center and internal ear.

The mastoid is crammed with air cells, and mastoiditis happens when these air cells grow to be contaminated with micro organism, often consequently of an untreated center ear an infection.

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Signs of mastoiditis embody pain in or across the ear, swelling within the ear, and excessive fever. If not detected and handled rapidly, mastoiditis may cause critical problems comparable to facial paralysis, listening to loss, imaginative and prescient adjustments, mind abscesses, and meningitis.

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