Father and daughter survived the family of 7 whose houses were destroyed in the Israeli attack

Father and daughter survived the family of 7 whose houses were destroyed in the Israeli attack


At the least 66 kids and 39 ladies, 66 kids, 39 ladies, in the assaults launched by Israel on Could 10 and lasted for 11 days, citing the missiles fired from Gaza in retaliation, particularly after the pvorocations towards the Palestinians in Jerusalem throughout Ramadan. 254 Palestinians misplaced their lives.


The assaults separated harmless kids from their moms, fathers and siblings in Gaza; destroyed their households.

Moms and fathers in tears, orphans and orphans, and placing particles in many components of Gaza remained behind from the Israeli assaults.

Father and daughter escaped from a family of 7 whose houses were destroyed in the Israeli attack #1


The home the place the Abu Hatab family lived in the north of Gaza was the goal of an Israeli attack on Could 15, the third day of Eid al-Fitr.

In the attack, mom Yasemin Hassan (30), her sons Yusuf (11), Bilal (9) and Yamin (6) and their daughter Meryem (8) misplaced their lives.

The identical attack killed Maha, the mom of Hadidi family, and her sons Suheyb (14), Yahya (11), Abdurrahman (8) and Osama (6), who got here to her brother’s home to rejoice Eid.

The 5-month-old son of the Hadidi family, Ömer, and the 4-year-old daughter of the Ebu Hatab family, Maria, were rescued from the rubble of the home that was the goal of the bombardment.

Father and daughter survived the family of 7 people whose houses were destroyed in the Israeli attack #2


As in many components of Gaza, the Israeli attack turned the lives of the Abu Hatab family the wrong way up.

Now, what’s left of a family of 7 individuals, father Alaa and daughter Maria are attempting to carry on to life by clinging to one another.

The disappointment on Maria’s face, who got here to the space the place the wreckage of their home was discovered together with her father, was heartbreaking.

The experiences of Maria, who was left alone together with her father at the very starting of her life, is sort of a abstract of the ache Israel inflicted on the Palestinians in Gaza.

The previous, recollections and blissful days of the Abu Hatab family were buried in the rubble of the home, which was nearly destroyed by the Israeli attack.

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A grieving father and a 4-year-old woman attempting to make sense of what occurred together with her little coronary heart remained after the attack.

Baba Alaa acknowledged that she and her 2 sisters have grown up as orphans and orphans since childhood, and they’ve nobody however one another.

Father and daughter survived the family of 7 whose houses were destroyed in the Israeli attack #3


Explaining that her sister Maha and her 5 sons got here to their home to rejoice Eid on the night of the attack, Alaa stated that the bombing occurred whereas she was going out to purchase bread.

Stating that he heard a giant explosion felt in many components of Gaza whereas he was shopping for bread, Alaa stated, “The sound of the explosion got here from close by and the smoke began to rise. We ran in the direction of the place of the attack and noticed that the home that was hit was mine. Our home was destroyed on the heads of my spouse and kids, my sister and her kids. It was an incredible catastrophe for me, I had a nervous breakdown. I couldn’t stand it and fainted. After I opened my eyes, I used to be in the hospital.” stated.

Alaa acknowledged that the attack was carried out with none warning pictures and there was nobody who warned them beforehand over the cellphone.

Stressing that the attack focusing on her and her sister’s family was a bloodbath towards humanity, Alaa stated, “They straight hit the home with 6 missiles and destroyed the home on their heads. They’d no means of escaping, neither the items of shrapnel nor the pile of concrete and iron. Their our bodies were pulled out from beneath the rubble in items, the our bodies of many of them lacking limbs. Their limbs are nonetheless protruding from beneath the rubble.” he stated.


Stating that he nonetheless doesn’t perceive why the attack, in which 10 individuals, together with 8 kids, 2 ladies, misplaced their lives, Alaa continued as follows:

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“I am unable to recover from this horrible bloodbath. No human can do it. Actually, those that dedicated this bloodbath can’t be human, their existence in historical past is unacceptable, their existence shouldn’t be accepted. Why did he demolish the home on their heads? There were ladies and kids in the home. I do not know what they did to the Jews? I assume Maria’ They were in search of him, so that they shot the home. Possibly they wished Yusuf, or Meryem, Bilal, Suheyb, Abdurrahman, Osama, Yahya. Possibly they wished my sister Maha or “My spouse was in search of Yasemin. Did they fireplace rockets at the Jews? Did they shoot at them, what did they do to them? They were most likely in search of these harmless civilians, so that they hit the home.”


Stating that the attack took his spouse and kids from him and destroyed their lives, Alaa stated, “I had my spouse and kids in this home. We were right here. Now they destroyed our lives, they destroyed all that I owned… Our house the place I and my kids had caught their heads was destroyed. All of them were destroyed besides Maria. My shelter, my help, which is a component of my life, the place I instructed my troubles, My beloved spouse, to whom I conveyed my complaints, was taken from me. Could God have mercy on her.” used the phrases.

The Palestinian father defined that his son Yusuf rushes to nearly each job in the home and behaves like a giant man regardless of his age. “My son Yusuf was taken from me. Our goals were extinguished. My life was stolen, I’ve nothing now.” he stated.


Stating that his youngest daughter Maria was sleeping in her room at the time of the attack and was thrown from the window of their home to the stairs of the constructing subsequent door, with the violence of the explosion, the painful father stated, “They discovered him on the stairs screaming. He was bleeding from his head, he was calling his mom. My youngster was in a state of shock, coated in blood and dust.” stated.

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Stating that Maria was in the center of the explosion and skilled nice ache, Alaa stated, “These horrible explosions, particles, destruction, worry, black mud, smoke, scarlet flames, that burning fireplace from missiles, all these are engraved in her reminiscence. Maria can be a witness to the bloodbath of the occupation. She’s going to stay as the reminiscence of her siblings, mom and family. God bless her. saved him from the oppression and bloodbath of the occupying state.” used the phrases.

Noting that Maria didn’t speak to anybody after the attack and that she wanted severe psychological help, Alaa stated, “Maria generally asks ‘the place is my mom’, I say ‘she went to heaven.’ Once we ask him, he’s afraid. he stated.


Noting that she stayed on the road and had nowhere to go as a result of their home was destroyed, Alaa stated that she generally stayed together with her buddies and generally together with her neighbors.

Noting that he left his daughter Maria at his grandmother’s home, the Palestinian father stated that he was nonetheless grateful.


Explaining that he’s the youngster of a Palestinian refugee family who needed to depart their house in the metropolis of Askalan (Ashkelon) and settle in Gaza as a consequence of Israeli persecution, Alaa stated, “My and my kids’s dream was to stay a life in security and peace. Their want was to stay in peace and safety in these lands. I’m the youngster of a refugee family. They wished to return to their lands, their homeland (Askalan – Ashkelon).” used the phrases.

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