Eye pressure can cause permanent visual impairment

‘Glaucoma’, which is within the second place among the many most insidious eye ailments on this planet and often called glaucoma among the many folks, can solely be observed within the final phases. In case of delay in prognosis and therapy, the illness, which causes extreme imaginative and prescient loss, can additionally cause permanent blindness. To be able to draw consideration to the illness, the 2nd week of March yearly by the World Glaucoma Affiliation, ‘Glaucoma Week’ introduced as. Ophthalmology Specialist on the Eye Nuru Safety Basis Yıldırım Eye Middle, Prof. Dr. Haluk Ertürk warned earlier than the upcoming Glaucoma Week and said that each age group ought to be cautious in opposition to glaucoma.


Stating that the particular person has eye pressure, it can solely be decided by the analyzes made by the consultants, Prof. Dr. Haluk Erturk, “It’s a very insidious illness. It’s the harm of the intraocular pressure, which is larger than the particular person’s eye can tolerate, to the optic nerve and visual discipline. It’s a mistake to diagnose with numerical knowledge. In accordance with some, some pressures are inside the regular vary. In accordance with some, it could be diseased. The primary factor is within the optic nerve. “This illness offers a symptom or not. The prognosis is made on this manner. It could additionally present a familial transmission. It additionally depends upon the attention construction. These within the household ought to listen.” mentioned.

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Explaining the therapy course of after the prognosis of the illness, Ertürk mentioned, “If the prognosis is appropriate, imaginative and prescient analyzes are carried out. Corneal thickness and intraocular pressure are measured. If needed, the visual discipline is carried out. After the prognosis is confirmed, the primary therapy is often began with medication. All medication obtainable overseas are additionally obtainable in our nation. “The intraocular pressure can be made tolerable for the optic nerve. This continues so long as the medication are efficient. When the medication don’t work, surgical intervention is required.” used the phrases.

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Reminding that the medication given in opposition to eye pressure ought to be used repeatedly, Ertürk mentioned that in any other case the visual impairment will change into permanent. Ertürk famous that the largest downside of sufferers is forgetfulness. “Our medication must be used repeatedly. Imaginative and prescient loss progresses insidiously in people who find themselves not used repeatedly, who don’t take note of their therapy, or who usually are not conscious of their illness. First, the visual field narrows. He begins to see from a small space as if he had been wanting via a pipe. It is good to see; however he has no peripheral imaginative and prescient. Lastly, it ends. Sadly, an irreversible visual impairment ensues.” he mentioned.

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Expressing that the illness could cause numerous discomforts resembling headache and nausea within the later phases, Ertürk mentioned, “If the numerical worth of the attention pressure rises to very excessive ranges, ache will happen within the eye. Additionally, the categories we name narrow-angle eye pressure can additionally happen with crises resembling extreme headache, eye ache, nausea, vomiting. If the narrow-angle particular person stays within the dim or darkish setting for a very long time. A disaster state of affairs happens. If eye pressure will not be handled, absolutely the result’s blindness. A blind eye is an irreversible situation.” mentioned.

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Stating that eye pressure is generally seen in aged folks, Ertürk reminded that new child infants might also have eye pressure. Mentioning the significance of early prognosis of eye pressure in infants, Ertürk mentioned, “We’re speaking a couple of child right here. This must be identified very early. In any other case, inside a number of months, that child’s visual nerves can be destroyed, and it could be potential to lose his eyesight in infancy. Congenital glaucoma has essential signs. Crucial of those is the larger-than-normal eye. Once you look from the entrance, it attracts consideration that the diameter of the coloured layer you see is extra in infants. In some, the corneal layer, which is sort of a watch glass, is cloudy. It is rather necessary for youngsters. As a substitute of claiming ‘My little one with huge eyes was born’, ‘Does this little one have a watch illness?’ It could be useful to indicate it to an ophthalmologist. Eye pressure is much less widespread in younger folks. It’s often a illness of the older age group.” gave the data.

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