Developing a cheaper way to

Medical oxygen shouldn’t be a luxurious: Developing a cheaper way to produce it

{People} may as soon as have thought-about oxygen a human proper. However the pandemic has revealed that entry to oxygen—in a pure kind, for medical use—is a luxurious in most low and middle-income international locations.

Getting entry to pure oxygen for medical remedies is a difficult, costly and sometimes very harmful enterprise. The present scenario in India is a harsh reminder of this situation. The second wave of COVID-19 has hit the nation onerous, the whole variety of deaths has simply handed the 200,000 mark. Oxygen is in brief provide.

Due to the present emergency, Indian residents have turned to the black market to buy oxygen way above its common worth.

This has occurred partly due to the way oxygen is produced, saved and transported world wide. That’s why scientists like me are working to discover a cheaper different.


Oxygen is usually obtained from liquefied air. Engineers flip the air we breathe into a liquid, utilizing a mixture of processes that settle down gases till they condensate. As soon as they’ve managed to liquefy the combination, they use distillation—the identical course of used to make whisky and gin—to separate air into its completely different elements, oxygen amongst them.

This course of requires huge quantities of vitality and big industrial services, so it’s restricted to simply a few areas on the planet, most of them within the international north. Liquid oxygen have to be saved and transported below nice stress, creating critical logistical points and security issues—oxygen is absolutely explosive.

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This implies the primary bottleneck of oxygen manufacturing is, exactly, bottles. The US depends on heavy-duty pipes to transport pressurized oxygen. In Europe, transport is principally by liquid oxygen carried in massive tanks. For lower-income international locations, distribution is completed in bottles.

However the oxygen bottle market is cornered by solely a handful of chemical corporations. Utilizing bottles additionally provides one other layer of security issues, as dealing with them appropriately requires a number of precautionary measures and correct coaching. Developing international locations subsequently lack each the infrastructure required to produce liquid oxygen and that to simply and cheaply transport it to a hospital.

Out of skinny air

One other way of “making” oxygen is utilizing concentrators, units that selectively take away nitrogen—the fuel that makes up 78% of our environment—utilizing a sequence of membranes, porous supplies and filters. These began being produced in mid-70s, and the expertise may be very nicely established.

These units flip air into a stream of oxygen-enriched fuel, sometimes above 95% (the remainder is shaped of largely argon). That is often ok for respirators and ventilators. The good thing about a concentrator is it may be produced as a small machine to be utilized in hospitals or care houses. Commercially obtainable concentrators exist now, however they’re costly and tough to produce in creating international locations.

That is why scientists like me are searching for options. My workforce research new varieties of supplies that retailer and separate gases, a few of which give doubtlessly reasonably priced options for units resembling oxygen concentrators. We develop two most important varieties of supplies—zeolites (crystals of silicon, aluminum and oxygen) and metal-organic frameworks (often known as MOFs). Each are extremely porous supplies; you’ll be able to think about them as miniature, molecule-sized sponges.

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Like sponges, these porous supplies adsorb extra fluids than you’d intuitively think about. Though the thousands and thousands of pores inside zeolites and MOFs could seem tiny, their complete floor space is monumental. Actually, one gram of sure record-breaking MOFs characteristic a floor space of over 7,000 sq. meters.

Tiny quantities of zeolites and MOFs can retailer big quantities of fluids, usually gases, and so they have been utilized in fuel storage, purification, carbon seize and water-harvesting.

A few of my workforce, partnering with the engineering firm Cambridge Precision, and the Middle for International Equality, have began trying into whether or not they can be utilized to retailer oxygen. We’ve developed an preliminary prototype that works. We hope to have a last prototype in place in two months time, and after this we are going to want to search medical approval.

The method

The precept is sort of easy. We’ve got an aluminum cylinder stuffed with porous supplies and we flow into a stream of air by it. This purifies the oxygen up to 95% – with the remaining being largely argon. Nitrogen is trapped within the zeolite due to the way the electrical cost is distributed in nitrogen atoms, which means it interacts extra strongly with the zeolite’s electrical subject. Oxygen and argon should not.

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The nitrogen subsequently stays trapped contained in the thousands and thousands of tiny pores, and we empty them later after storing our oxygen.

Normally, we commercialize our porous supplies by Immaterial, a spin-out of the College of Cambridge. But, making big income promoting oxygen in a pandemic appeared immoral. In Africa, for instance, oxygen is 5 occasions dearer than in Europe and the US. Our workforce and Immaterial subsequently partnered up with different scientists in Cambridge to create the Oxygen and Ventilator System Initiative, OVSI, with the intention of advancing and manufacturing reasonably priced oxygen remedies.

We hope some great benefits of a low-cost oxygen concentrator machine will outlive the pandemic. Oxygen provide is essential to deal with childhood pneumonia and power pulmonary illnesses—each situations that globally kill extra folks than AIDS or malaria. Everybody ought to have entry to oxygen, and expertise like ours may in the future assist present that entry.


Medical oxygen shouldn’t be a luxurious: Developing a cheaper way to produce it

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Medical oxygen ought to

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