Coronavirus measures reduce flu rates

Stating that coronavirus and respiratory tract infections comparable to flu and chilly are transmitted in the identical manner, Infectious Ailments and Medical Microbiology Specialist prof. Dr. Kemalettin Aydin, He said that the masks, distance and cleansing guidelines utilized additionally stop the transmission of respiratory tract infections in winter, and that infections aside from coronavirus are virtually nonexistent.


Underlining that the usage of antibiotics in viral infections comparable to coronavirus and flu just isn’t right, Aydın stated that antibiotics are efficient towards micro organism, however as a result of misinformation, antibiotics could also be utilized in viral infections comparable to influenza within the society.

Stating that unconscious antibiotic use has a really adverse impact on public well being, Aydın stated that antibiotic use decreased as a result of different respiratory infections have been seen very hardly ever in the course of the epidemic interval.

Antipyretic medication that reduce fever, relieve complications, relieve diarrhea, relieve joint or muscle ache, and proper issues associated to viral infections. Underlining that there isn’t a If you’re contaminated with the virus, antibiotics don’t have any place right here, they’ve various drawbacks. That is why antibiotics have to be used on the proper time, in the best indication and in the best dose.” stated.

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Mentioning that Turkey ranks first in Europe in the usage of antibiotics, Aydın emphasised the significance of informing the society and stopping unconscious drug use.


Mentioning that the overuse of antibiotics not solely harms the particular person but in addition causes the microbes to achieve resistance to the medication, Aydın stated, “After some time, the antibiotic you utilize turns into ineffective, the micro organism turn into stronger towards you.” shared his information.

Aydın said that the medical photos outlined as “hospital an infection” in hospitals are principally brought on by microbes immune to antibiotics. “Some sufferers turn into contaminated with a microorganism, a bacterium that’s so resistant that there isn’t a antibiotic on the earth that may kill it in the mean time. It’s about microorganisms which have turn into so resistant.” stated.

Stating that it’s attainable to be helpless towards infections which will come up on account of unconscious antibiotic use, Aydın stated, “That is why we have to use antibiotics accurately, each for ourselves and for society.” warned.

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