Contact Tracking System Disclosure from Apple and Google

Apple and Google made a statement regarding the privacy measures of the contact tracking system, which they jointly developed to combat the coronavirus epidemic. Companies deemed it appropriate to call the new system ‘exposure notice’ rather than ‘contact tracking’.
Tech giants Apple and Google, which came together to combat the COVID-19 outbreak, started working on a common structure called the ‘contact tracking system’. The two companies shared details of this system’s privacy measures with the public.

While it is stated that the Bluetooth metadata will be encrypted, the keys that gömü a smartphone will be randomly reproduced every day. Besides, the system will not compare a person’s contact with another person for more than 30 minutes. The system will use the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES / Advanced Encryption Standard) for data encryption.

It is important to convince privacy:

It is very important to convince the public that privacy is protected in this type of system, because people will make their personal contacts in their daily lives traceable through their smartphones. Once the system is up and running, people will be notified via Bluetooth whether they are in close contact with someone with COVID-19. Let us add that companies have changed the definition of the system from ‘contact tracking’ to ‘exposure notification’ in order to gain the public’s trust.

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This system, which is configured by Apple and Google together, will be put into use gradually. A preliminary version of the system will be available to developers of public health apps over the next week. This will not mean that the functionality is available to users yet, but developers will be able to start testing this early release. Apple and Google state that new functionality in the API will allow developers to decide how two physically close phones will record an interaction and for how long.

It is stated that the applications will be developed and offered to users, not by Apple and Google, but by public health institutions such as the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. It is said that the full release of Apple and Google’s API will take place around mid-May. The next step will be to add interfaces to Android and iOS, which will allow users to directly activate the system. Companies emphasize that this will take months.

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