Consume foods high in fiber to prevent cancer

Cancer is a illness that happens when sure cells in any a part of the physique multiply uncontrollably and destroy cells with sure features. Research have proven that colon cancers are extra frequent in individuals fed a food plan low in fiber than in populations fed a high-fiber food plan. Medicana Avcılar Hospital Vitamin and Food plan Specialist Havva Kılınç, who identified that wholesome vitamin is likely one of the most necessary necessities for a high quality life and safety from many illnesses, gave necessary info by making dietary suggestions to prevent cancer.


dit. Eve Kilinc, “Analysis has proven that colon cancers are extra frequent in people who find themselves fed a food plan low in fiber than in populations that eat high fiber. The pulp is discovered in the outer elements of grains and legumes, greens and fruits. Consumption of pulpy foods needs to be elevated. The minimal quantity of fiber to be taken day by day for adults is 25-30 grams. As a substitute of sugar and candy desserts, easy carbohydrates (resembling white bread, rice), ready-made fruit juices, entire grain bread, bulgur, legumes and vegetables and fruit needs to be included. A minimum of 5 servings of fruit and greens needs to be consumed per day. Oil seeds, grain merchandise, legumes, fruits and dried fruits that aren’t saved nicely in humid and scorching areas will turn out to be moldy. Some molds produce varied toxins. A few of these toxins produce varied toxins.” stated.

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Consume foods high in fiber to prevent cancer #2


“The nitrites and nitrates added to meat merchandise can flip into nitrosamines in the digestive tract.” Kılıç stated: “Nitrosamines are carcinogenic. It has been reported that extra salt additionally contributes to the formation of such molecules. Since alcohol, cigarettes, and foods containing components have been discovered to be related to cancer, these foods shouldn’t be consumed or minimized. It has been reported that cancer is extra frequent in deficiencies of nutritional vitamins A, E, C and different antioxidants. Vitamin A performs a job in the development and regeneration of epithelial tissue, which is the protecting tissue of the physique. It has been steered that when the constructions of those tissues deteriorate in vitamin A deficiency, cancer formation in the esophagus, urinary tract, pores and skin, abdomen and lungs will increase. Vitamin C prevents the nitrites and nitrates taken with water and meals from turning into cancer-causing nitsosamines, thus lowering the chance of cancer formation. Examples of foods containing vitamin C; red-green pepper, kiwi, orange, strawberry, cauliflower-broccoli, parsley, lemon might be given. Vitamin E reduces the chance of cancer formation due to its antioxidant properties. It’s recognized that minerals resembling zinc, calcium and selenium have a protecting impact on cancer.

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