Animal fossil dating back 890 million years found in Canada

Elizabeth Turner, Professor of Paleontology and Geology at Laurentian College in Ontario, Canada, found stays which might be thought to belong to sponges that lived a whole bunch of hundreds of thousands of years in the past in the northwest of the nation.

Turner acknowledged that the fossils unearthed are sponge skeletons and might take animal life back 890 million years.


Joachim Reitner, Professor of Geobiology on the College of Göttingen, stated: “This (sponge) skeleton may be very attribute and has no identified comparable counterpart” stated.

Reitner acknowledged that the findings in his article on Turner’s analysis proved that the animal pedigree can be a milestone and that the origin of the species goes back a lot sooner than anticipated.

The outcomes of the analysis had been printed in the journal Nature.

Animal fossil dating back 890 million years found in Canada #1


Alternatively, sponges had been accepted because the oldest animal species on earth, whereas scientific knowledge indicated that the oldest findings of this species date back to 535 million years in the past.

It’s famous that the fossils which might be the topic of the analysis can take the sponge historical past back to 350 million years in the past.

The Dickinsonia fossil found on the shores of the White Sea in northwest Russia took the identified animal life back 558 million years in the past.

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