An unexpected danger of green tea was revealed

Green tea is a very useful drink. However, in some cases, green tea, and especially green tea extract, can cause serious damage to the body.

Herbert Bonkowski, a doctor at the US National Institutes of Health, has proven that some compounds in green tea have a devastating effect on the liver and kidneys.

According to the scientist, green tea can not be considered a harmful product, the benefits of some of its ingredients have been confirmed in a number of scientific studies. However, Bonkovksi, who has been dealing with liver problems for many years, warns that the epigallocatechin-3-gallate substance in green tea can cause severe kidney and liver dysfunction in some people.

According to the expert, currently 80 such cases have been reported in the scientific literature. Thus, a US resident who took green tea extract for “prophylaxis” had such serious liver damage that he received an emergency liver transplant.

People who drink a lot of green tea, and especially those who consume it on an empty stomach, are at risk. When drunk on an empty stomach, the substances contained in green tea are absorbed more quickly and in large quantities.

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It can also be dangerous to take aged tea extract in capsule or pill form.

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