Do not drink milk during a cold!

Warm milk is the best natural remedy for colds.

However, scientists have proved that milk not only accelerates recovery during a cold, but also aggravates the patient’s condition.

The results of the new study were published in the journal Laryngoscope.

Researchers have shown that the consumption of milk during a cold significantly increases the secretion of mucus in the mucous membranes, which has a negative impact on the course of the disease.

Increased mucus is a natural process during a cold. With the help of mucus, the body cleanses itself of toxins, germs and infections. However, excessive consumption of mud is harmful. This mucus, which constantly irritates the throat, causes an increase in cough, sore throat and hoarseness.

Thus, experts do not recommend drinking milk during colds and flu. Lemon tea, hips infusion, chamomile tea, etc. it is more beneficial to use such natural remedies.

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