Accurate diagnosis accelerates treatment in cancer

Yearly, a mean of 18 million individuals in the world and 163 thousand individuals in Turkey are identified with cancer. In keeping with the World Well being Group (WHO), there will probably be 22 million new cancer diagnoses worldwide in 2030. Making particular statements for February 4 Cancer Day, Medical Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Orhan Türken talked in regards to the developments in the battle towards cancer and the way forward for diagnosis and treatment. Mentioning that the speed of correct diagnosis has elevated with technological developments and improvements, Prof. Dr. Türken gave the information that cancer will develop into a treatable illness even in probably the most superior stage.


Stating that there are critical will increase in early diagnosis charges, particularly with the screening packages advisable for frequent cancers, Prof. Turken, “With screening packages, many cancers that don’t but present signs might be detected at very early phases. With the rise in consciousness, the early diagnosis charges have been elevated by the truth that relations who’ve kin with cancer are checked voluntarily, and people with delicate complaints instantly apply to a well being establishment. The upper high quality of medical gadgets and supplies used in parallel with technological developments permits us to detect cancer sufferers at very early phases.” he stated.

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Stating that the possibility of success is now larger with new medication and strategies in cancer treatment, Prof. Dr. Türken stated that with the rise in early diagnosis, the loss of life price began to lower. Stating that surgical strategies, radiation remedy (radiotherapy) and drug therapies (chemotherapy and different systemic therapies) are typically utilized in the treatment, Prof. Dr. Türken gave the next details about the strategies: “Though surgical treatment in the early phases and drug therapies in the late phases are on the forefront, all these therapies can now be utilized sequentially or collectively at each stage. A affected person who has undergone surgical procedure for breast cancer might be given adjuvant radiotherapy or chemotherapy to forestall future recurrences. Or, if a affected person with superior cancer turns into appropriate after drug or radiation therapies, he might be operated on.”

Accurate diagnosis of cancer speeds treatment #2


prof. Dr. Türken additionally emphasised that cancer treatment is regularly changing into a personalised treatment that modifications the treatment technique from affected person to affected person. Stating that customized treatment is on the forefront of drug therapies, it’s also legitimate for different strategies equivalent to surgical procedure and radiotherapy. Dr. Türken defined the customized treatment with examples as follows: “Not all breast tissue is faraway from each breast cancer affected person anymore. In some sufferers, solely the tumor half is eliminated with the strategy we name organ-sparing surgical procedure. Additionally, the width of the irradiated space and the doses might fluctuate from affected person to affected person in sufferers who will endure radiotherapy. However the biggest advances in personalizing cancer treatment are being skilled in drug therapies. Now, aside from classical chemotherapy, we have now new treatment choices equivalent to good, focused medication and immunotherapy, which goals to make the immune system extra energetic towards the tumor. A greater understanding of tumor cell construction and the invention of latest molecules that straight goal the tumor have revolutionized cancer treatment. With new medication, the spectrum of treatment will develop and cancer will develop into a totally curable illness, even at a complicated stage.”

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