9 Top Uses For Excel in a Beauty Salon

Every company owner knows a little concerning Microsoft Excel. It’s typically the spreadsheet program that the majority of of them value to always keep track of the figures their business generates. Although that’s far from just about all it can be, particularly when you’re in the elegance industry.

Here are being unfaithful things that a beauty salon can do with Excel; some are common to be able to any business, but a few are unique plus apply directly to the sweetness business in some enjoyable ways.


The most typical usage of Excel worldwide. History expenses and income, come across wgat action you take that generates the majority of of your revenue plus what you pay money for of which costs the most. Employing Excel to track financial records is the beginning involving any effort to boost these numbers and improve your base line.


Beauty salons experience a lot of distinct companies tools at different type of rates. Tracking your stock through Excel not simply allows you to discover when something needs to be able to be ordered, but can certainly project future orders plus thus allow you to be able to plan for larger orders forward of time.

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Tracking Trends

When it comes to retaining track of trends, Excel is limited only from your imagination and how very long you’re willing to commit putting data in. From the minimum, you can certainly put in your consumers and income over a year and have a standard overview — but a person can get much greater make in details similar to a specific day’s conditions patterns, whether or definitely not a relevant event had been happening in town, plus who was working of which day. The results can certainly tell you quite a bit about how precisely to precisely anticipate business.


It may not use the superior mathematical capacity of Excel, but the basic ability to manipulate colored tissue representing 15-minute blocks involving time makes Excel the easy and effective method to make sure that a person have all the workers you require during every stage within your day.

Client Records

Keeping records of your customer’s procedures helps you easily call up up a given clients’ favorites when they wander through the door – and doing it in Excel means you can also sort by client, procedure, or product in order to see what is the most popular businessrapidwide.

Task Lists

Every business has things that have to get done in a particular order before they can open for business and before they can go home at night. By creating a simple Excel spreadsheet that lists those tasks, you can create a printable chart that can be checked or crossed off at each open and close to make sure that everything gets done perfectly every time.

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Excel can easily keep track not only of how much hourly pay your workers are earning, but the tips that are being generated simply by each worker as well. If you have a policy that involves tip-sharing, or you just want to know who the customers appreciate the most, having that data at your fingertips is extremely useful.

Appointment Tracking

Akin to using Excel for scheduling, using it to keep track of upcoming appointments and (perhaps more importantly) the duration of those appointments as they happen can give you a leg up on your competition. By seeing not only when a customer came in, but how long they spent there for a particular procedure, you can better estimate in the future how much company you can handle — and who might need to work a little more quickly.


It takes a while to set up, but making an Excel file that has all of your products and the ingredients in them can allow you to provide a unique and wonderful service to your clients: suggesting products that can accommodate specific needs. For example, if you have got a customer that’s allergic to oranges, you can Sort By orange oil to give your customer an immediate list of products in your store that he should avoid. That’s the kind of thing that makes a strong enough impression that your client will tell his friends.

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Excel is an incredible tool for the basics like tracking financials plus forecasting business trends — but if of which’s all you’re using it for, you’re losing out. With a little creativity and a little bit of looking under the hood, Excel can benefit your own personal company in startling plus excellent ways.

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