3 Important Space Missions Expected in 2021

3 Important Space Missions Anticipated in 2021. Space agencies, which will be very busy in the future, will carry out important works in 2021, when it comes to landing on the Moon again and Mars mission. Three of these tasks stand out.(3)

2020 (*3*)The effect of which is felt in every field in pandemic (*3*)Many scientific studies had to be postponed or stopped because of this. In 2021 (*3*)On the other hand, we see that scientists have more ambitious goals.

Director of Science Tasks from NASA Thomas Zurbuchen(*3*), “as we’ve rarely seen before“One of 2021 year of science (*3*)He says it will. The work to be done this year will be important steps for us to better understand space and the universe.

Countdown for 3 important tasks(*3*)

In 2020, different missions were launched for Mars. The year 2021 will probably be a year of new discoveries regarding the red planet. Of china Tianwen(*3*)–1(*3*), BAE’nin Hope (*3*)tool and NASA Perseverance (*3*)the surface vehicle will be on Mars this year. All three vehicles are expected to arrive on Mars in February.

The long awaited James Webb Space Telescope(*3*)Will serve as NASA’s next large space observatory. The vehicle, which will be used on October 31, 2021, will have waited for a year due to the pandemic and technical problems. Thanks to this tool Solar System (*3*)We will be able to better understand and find new exoplanets.

Vera C. Rubin Observatory(*3*) and this year will deliver us the first images he shot. Based in Chile, Vera C. Rubin will be able to capture the sky of the entire southern hemisphere every few days with an SUV-sized digital camera. Being the largest digital camera, this device is capable of imaging a golf ball from 22 kilometers and 3200 megapixels (*3*)It can take pictures. Fully operating the facility 2023(*3*)Although it will find the first images this year will come.

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Space studies are popular again(*3*)

Tasks that have already begun are also largely this year to be continued(*3*). The first woman and the next man to set foot on the Moon in 2024 Artemis (*3*)project will continue this year. International agreements will be made within the scope of the task, SLS rocket (*3*)core will be completed, and progress will be made in the support mission called Gateway Lunar.

This year, many scientific and space studies important breakthrough (*3*)waiting for us. Stay tuned in order not to stay away from new developments and the latest breakthroughs in the world of science.


3 Important Space Missions Expected in 2021

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