Who is Tuğçe Kandemir? Where is she from, how tall is she, how old is she, who is her lover?

Who is Tuğçe Kandemir?  Where is he from, how tall is he, how old is he, who is his lover?

Who is Tuğçe Kandemir, who suddenly managed to be among the tastes with the songs he voiced on Youtube, a social media platform? where is he originally from, how old is he, how tall is he, who is his wife, who is his lover? The answer to many questions like the rest of our article ..

Who is Tuğçe Kandemir


Tugce Kandemir He was born in 1996 in Mersin. Tuğçe, a literature teacher, opened the doors to fame in a short time by publishing a song she voiced on Yotube, a social media platform.

He is known for his songs on love and sadness. He started singing as an amateur and decided to release his own song when his videos were liked on YouTube. His first song while teaching in 2018 is “This Is My StoryHe sang the piece named ”. He made his main debut with the song “You in Me”, which he sang with Bilal Sonses. This song has been watched over 100 million times on YouTube. He said in 2019 “Minute handThe song has been watched over 50 million times. He still works as a lecturer at Mersin University.

In early 2020 “I fell victimWith his song named “”, he gained the appreciation of everyone from seven to seventy. It passed 100 million views in a short period of about 3 months.

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Full name Tugce Kandemir
Date of birth January 1, 1996 (aged 24)
Zodiac sign goat
Whence Myrtle
Job Teacher, Singer, Youtuber
Gender Woman
relationship status Single
residence Istanbul
Length 167 cm
kilo 62 kg
eye color black
Education Undergraduate Graduate
Uni. Mersin University

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