Who is Alba Gaia Bellugi? Into the Night series İnes

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Biography of Life

Alba Gaia Bellugi was born on March 5, 1995 in Paris, the capital of France. Born to an Italian father and a Danish mother, Bellugi lives in France. His father Duccio Bellugi-Vannuccini is an actor. Her mother is a fashion designer. He started his acting training at Théâtre du Soleil.

Alba Gaia Bellugi acting career

The young actress, who has had an acting career since 2005, first appeared in the 2005 movie Le Temps qui reste. Bellugi, who gave life to the character of Élisabeth in the movie Je m’appelle Élisabeth in 2006, starred in the movie La Robe du soir in 2010 and Intouchables in 2011. The movie Intouchables was an important turning point in the development of the young actor’s career.

Bellugi, who also appeared in productions on the television market, portrayed the character Manon Vidal in the 2014 miniseries 3x manon. Then he starred in the series Le Bureau des légendes, which started in 2015, for 5 years.

Into the Night TV series Ines character

Young player with Netflix finally making Belgium and collect interest in Turkey Into the night gave life to the character in the series Ines. The actress, who portrayed a social media phenomenon in the series, was one of the names that managed to attract attention in the 6-episode series. The series, which also includes Mehmt Kurtuluş, who plays the Turkish character Ayaz, seems to have met the expectations since the day it was aired. The name, which takes place in all 6 episodes, is expected to be in the second possible season of the series.

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The fish

Alba Gaia Bellugi Instagram account

Starring movies

2005 : Le Temps qui reste – Sophie petite
2006 : Je m’appelle – Élisabeth Betty / Élisabeth
2010 : La Robe du soir – Juliette
2011 : Intouchables – Élisa,
2012 : Thérèse Desqueyroux – Thérèse petite
2013 : Une histoire banale – Estrougo
2014 : Aimer, boire et chanter – Tilly
2016 : La Stoffa dei sogni – Miranda

The TV series he played

2014 : 3 x Manon Vidal
2015-2020 : Le Bureau des légendes – Prune Debailly
2017 : Manon 20 ans as Manon Vidal
2019 : Une, – Sabine
2020 : Into the night – Inès Mélanie Ricci

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