What is the Van Allen belt

The Van Allen belt was found in 1958 by the American physicist James A. Van Allen. Information transmitted by the US Explorer satellite tv for pc have been used throughout the discovery.

The Van Allen belts, which act as shields for the Earth towards dangerous rays coming from the Solar and the interstellar medium, are most targeting the Equator and are usually not positioned above the poles.

Van Allen’s inside is centered about 3,000 km (1,860 mi) above the continental floor. The outer zone is positioned at an altitude of about 15,000 to twenty,000 km (9,300 to 12,400 miles).

The interior Van Allen belt consists largely of high-energy protons with power in extra of 30 million electron volts.

Analysis reveals that intense photo voltaic exercise, equivalent to a coronal mass ejection, can generally shrink the outer area, creating a 3rd area of charged particles between the outer and interior areas.

Intense Photo voltaic exercise additionally causes different disturbances in the Van Allen belts, that are related to phenomena equivalent to auroras and magnetic storms.

The outer Van Allen belt comprises charged particles of each atmospheric and photo voltaic origin. Photo voltaic-derived particles are largely composed of helium ions originating from the photo voltaic winds.

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Protons of the outer belt have a lot decrease power and far greater flux than the interior belt.

Essentially the most energetic particles of the outer belt are electrons, whose energies attain a number of hundred million electron volts.

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