What is my millie worth? ?

The milliyem worth is outlined as a gold purity ranking out of 1,000.

Milyem is a unit of measurement that expresses the quantity of gold within the alloy as a thousandth.

With the intention to calculate this worth, the pure gold mass within the materials manufactured from gold is divided by the entire mass and multiplied by 1,000.

Nonetheless, 1 gram of HAS (24 carat pure gold) is 995 mil, not 1000 mil. 14 carat gold is 585 mil, 18 carat gold is 750 mil.


The bodily gold collected by the contracted jewelers and valuable metallic consultants, who present valuable metallic valuation and assortment companies on behalf of the banks, to report credit for the financial institution prospects’ gold deposit, personal present and participation accounts, is valued at a minimal of milliem values.

The milliyem values ​​decided on the idea of carat and product for the bodily gold collected by the banks are as follows:

Adjustment Product Milyem
24K Mint Merchandise 0.995
24K Merchandise of Refineries Listed by BİAŞ 0.995
24K Merchandise of Refineries Not Included in BİAŞ Record 0.992
22 Gauge Mint Manufacturing Trinket 0.912
22 Gauge 22K Bracelet 0.910
22 Gauge Miscellaneous Scrap Gold 0.907
21 Gauge Miscellaneous Scrap Gold 0.855
18K Miscellaneous Scrap Gold 0.725
14 Gauge Miscellaneous Scrap Gold 0.555
8 Settings Miscellaneous Scrap Gold 0.2975
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