What is hydrogen

Hydrogen is one of many chemical components that exist in nature. Every hydrogen molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms. A component has one kind of atom and can’t be damaged down into different substances.

The chemical components of hydrogen is H2. The hydrogen atom has a nucleus consisting of a proton carrying a unit optimistic electrical cost; An electron carrying one unit of damaging electrical cost is additionally related to this nucleus. Underneath regular situations, hydrogen fuel is a unfastened aggregation of hydrogen molecules.


Though hydrogen is essentially the most considerable component within the universe, it makes up solely 0.14 p.c by weight of the Earth’s crust. With this; It happens in giant portions in oceans, ice packs, rivers, lakes, and as a part of atmospheric water.


Most vehicles burn gasoline or diesel of their engines. These chemical reactions present carbon dioxide and water. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse fuel, that means an excessive amount of can promote international warming. International warming causes local weather change, resulting in droughts, floods and excessive climate.

Hydrogen vehicles assist scale back greenhouse fuel emissions. They both burn hydrogen in an engine or react each gas and oxygen in a gas cell. Each processes generate electrical energy that powers the electrical motor. Hydrogen vehicles innocent exhaust fuel; produces water vapor.

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