What is horsetail, what are its benefits? How to use horsetail (Horsetail)?

One of many herbs steadily used for the therapy of some illnesses is horsetail. In some societies, horsetail grass is identified by totally different names.

A few of the illnesses identified to profit the plant; osteoporosis, an infection, bronchitis and bleeding. It is additionally identified to be used for weak nails and for boils.

What is horsetail herb, which is curiously researched by these searching for pure options to well being issues, what are its advantages? Right here is details about horsetail grass..


The scientific identify of horsetail is Equisetum. It is a perennial herb belonging to the Horsetail household.

It is obtained by drying the plant or by disintegrating and sifting after drying.

It is a weed that usually grows on roadsides and principally in wetlands. Horsetail grass grows in lots of locations in Turkey. This plant, which has small pointed leaves and ideas, has an look comparable to the rosemary plant.


  • Silicon in horsetail grass protects the bone well being of the one who consumes it for a very long time. Whereas defending bone well being, it additionally eliminates the chance of osteoporosis. Silicon is a component that is a treatment for joint ache. Horsetail is a medicinal herb that can relieve joint ache. Seeing it as a ache reliever is additionally among the many forty-kidded advantages.
  • Because it is a plant with antioxidant properties, it strengthens the physique’s immune system. On the similar time, it protects you from the chilly of winter and permits you to spend the winter months more healthy.
  • It is a plant that ought to be most well-liked in anemia sorts. It’ll decrease the impact of anemia.
  • It renews the broken tissues by displaying its cell regenerative impact in gingival bleeding and oral wounds.
  • Horsetail cream obtained by crushing comes throughout as a treatment that heals wounds.
  • Horsetail is often called a plant that improves sperm high quality. Docs suggest this plant for natural therapy in varied well being issues.
  • It’ll decrease the complaints of diabetics by sustaining the sugar steadiness for type-2 diabetes. As well as, horsetail herb is a plant most well-liked in hypertension due to its blood stress reducing impact.
  • It eliminates the chance of inner bleeding and makes you are feeling extra comfy throughout your menstrual interval. Relieves menstrual cramps.
  • Should you are having sleep issues, horsetail may even be your answer for sleep apnea. Whenever you drink a cup of horsetail tea through the day, it’s possible you’ll discover that you simply sleep extra comfortably at evening.
  • Thanks to the parts that make up horsetail herb, the chance of kidney stone illness may even be eradicated. It additionally permits the present kidney stones to be simply eliminated.
  • On the similar time, horsetail grass will decrease your reflux complaints. You’ll be able to chill out your abdomen with natural tea.
  • In case your nails are weak and always breaking, the answer will likely be hidden in horsetail.
  • Horsetail grass has the characteristic of destroying prostate irritation.
  • Horsetail additionally helps you with hair development. Thanks to silicon, it’ll be certain that your hair grows more healthy and sooner by renewing cells. On the similar time, the forty-lock treatment that you’ll put together with this herb will likely be efficient in making your scalp more healthy. It additionally eliminates dandruff and spills.
  • It is talked about in varied sources that this herb was used for tuberculosis in historical instances within the Roman Interval.
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What is horsetail, what are its benefits?  How to use horsetail (Horsetail)?  #2nd


By making ready horsetail herb within the type of tea, you possibly can use it in varied therapies. It is beneficial to devour tea by ingesting a glass in case of psychological and bodily illnesses.

For hair development, you possibly can strive including horsetail tea to your hair care masks.

To strengthen weak nails and achieve well being, you possibly can cool the tea ready and maintain your nails in it for some time.

So as to use it within the type of a cream, you possibly can apply the crushed horsetail herb with olive oil and apply it to your wounds.

What is horsetail, what are its benefits?  How to use horsetail (Horsetail)?  #3

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