What is americium ?

Americium, a silver-white, artificial aspect, is fashioned throughout nuclear reactions of heavy components.

Americium was found by Glenn Seaborg, Albert Ghiorso, Ralph James, and Tom Morgan in 1944 throughout work on the Metallurgical Laboratory on the College of Chicago.

Americium and its isotopes have few however vital makes use of, together with smoke detectors in almost all buildings and the potential to energy future area missions.

The aspect is a extremely radioactive aspect that may be harmful and trigger critical sickness if mishandled.


-Atomic quantity (variety of protons within the nucleus): 95,
-Atomic image (within the periodic desk of the weather): Am,
-Atomic weight (common mass of atom): 243,
-Melting level: 2149 levels Fahrenheit (1176 levels Celsius),
-Boiling level: 3652 F (2011 C)
-The commonest isotope: Am-241

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