What is a PEG allergy? What are the symptoms of PEG allergy?

These with PEG allergic reactions are extra prone to have a response to coronavirus vaccines.

Residents who will select between coronavirus vaccines, particularly these with a historical past of allergy, are undecided when selecting.

There have been circumstances of allergic reactions to the BioNTech and different mRNA vaccine, the Moderna vaccine. Because it is thought that the trigger of allergy to those vaccines could also be associated to the PEG substance, which is the preservative in the vaccine, those that are allergic to medicine containing PEG proceed their analysis.

So what is a PEG allergy? What are the symptoms of PEG allergy? Right here is details about PEG allergy.


Polyethylene glycol is a polymer that has been used for a few years in lots of areas in meals, medicines, cosmetics and trade. It is additionally known as by totally different names, particularly macrogol. Though its manufacturing and use is primarily based on very outdated years, numerous allergic reactions starting from urticaria to allergic shock have been reported since the Nineties.

Nevertheless, because it is not the foremost ingredient of the merchandise used, it doesn’t come to thoughts and is typically skipped. Resulting from the presence of Covid-19 vaccines, it has come to the fore once more today. Allergy attributable to PEG has been reported in six out of 250,000 doses administered in vaccine research.

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Polyethylene glycol has been used for a few years as an additive in meals with the code E1521. An allergic response to polysorbate 80, a polyethylene glycol product in ice cream, was first reported in 1982.

Later, though a small quantity of severe allergic reactions to PEG in meals have been reported.


Polyethylene glycols are hydrophilic polymers present in on a regular basis merchandise reminiscent of meals, cosmetics and medicines.

The event of allergic shock attributable to PEG is a uncommon situation. It is utilized in medical merchandise (wound dressings and hydrogels), family merchandise (detergents and polishes), meals merchandise (e.g. preservatives for meals dietary supplements) and cosmetics attributable to its water-soluble properties.

PEG substances that may be present in medicine may cause allergic reactions.

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Symptoms of PEG allergy range from individual to individual. Some folks could have gentle symptoms, whereas others could have very extreme and life-threatening symptoms.

PEG allergy may cause reactions that have an effect on the respiratory tract, abdomen and intestines, coronary heart and vessels, and pores and skin. Symptoms of a PEG allergy embody:

– wheezing,

– Feeling of suffocation

-Shortness of breath,


– Excessive-pitched sound when respiratory




-Abdomen ache,

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– Swelling of the face, lips and throat,

– Dizziness, fainting,

-Quick heartbeat.

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A pores and skin puncture take a look at can be utilized to diagnose PEG allergy.

In the pores and skin piercing take a look at, a very small quantity is positioned beneath your pores and skin and your physique’s response to this allergen is noticed. This take a look at have to be finished very rigorously.

As a result of there is a chance of allergic shock to PEG materials. For that reason, this take a look at needs to be carried out beneath the supervision of an allergist, in an setting with medical crew and gear.

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