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Yearly, the Islamic world eagerly awaits Ramadan, which is referred to as the sultan of 11 months. Solidarity and cooperation are basic in Islam.

For that reason, a well-to-do Muslim one who has ample property helps the poor round or far-off below the identify of fitra.


There are particular circumstances that the individual giving the fitra should meet. The primary is to be a Muslim. Then again, the individual giving the fitra will need to have a driver’s license. That is, fitrah is optional for small and disabled folks.


To ensure that a individual to be thought of liable for the fitra of a individual apart from himself, this individual have to be one of many dependents below his custody.

Accordingly, a individual is obliged to present the fitrah of his minor youngsters or family members who’re mentally in poor health.

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The primary day of Eid al-Fitr turns into compulsory with the beginning of fajr. As a result of fitra has been made to belong to the feast. In line with three madhhab imams, besides Hanafis, fitra turns into compulsory after sundown on the final night of Ramadan.


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