What is a box jellyfish

The habitat of the box jellyfish is the waters of Australia and South East Asia.

This jellyfish is often called essentially the most venomous marine animal ever found.

Since they’ve an invisible construction, they’re very troublesome to detect. This animal, which likes to hunt in shallow waters, is additionally more likely to come into contact with swimmers.


They’re referred to as ‘box jellyfish’ due to their box-like physique.

The size of the box jellyfish, whose physique is translucent, can differ between 15 and 22 centimeters. Nevertheless, the diameter of their our bodies is about 35 centimeteri can discover it.


Every nook of this animal has 15 tentacles, every about 3 meters.

Those that have been uncovered to the poison of this animal acknowledged that they have been shaken and shocked by an indescribable ache lengthy earlier than the poison took its full impact.

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