Violence against women with dementia by US police

Karen Garner, a dementia affected person who left the market within the US state of Colorado in June 2020, forgetting to pay after procuring, was detained with a harsh intervention.

The US media acknowledged that 73-year-old Garner’s arm was dislocated in the course of the police intervention and the bone in his elbow was cracked.

New footage of Garner, who was subjected to police violence throughout detention, was shared.

Violence against women with dementia by the US police VIDEO


The moments when the police officer and his companion, who intervened in Garner, laughed in the course of the detention have been mirrored on the digicam.

Within the revealed pictures, one other driver who got here to the scene mentioned “Do you need to intervene so harshly?” he requested; however the police officer “This isn’t your concern” He was seen to react.

Garner’s lawyer introduced that the household filed a lawsuit against the police division relating to the incident.

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