Turn stale bread into a feast! :

How is stale bread evaluated?

Do you know how to utilize your stale bread? As the ” team, we share practical information and stale bread recipes.Store stale bread in the fridge. When you need it, you can heat it in a toaster or oven.

You can use stale breads for meatballs.

Deep fried or baked bayput your horse breads with the tarhana soupyou can ram it.

You can use it in the preparation of dishes such as bread dessert, tirit and papara.

After drying in the oven, you can turn it into breadcrumbs by pulling it in the robot.

You can slice stale bread thinly and pour a small amount of milk on it and fry it in oil.

You can prepare small canapes in the oven by putting ingredients such as tomatoes, cheddar cheese and olives on them.

Spice it with butter on your breads and fry in the oven. So you can present it with your meals.

To soften stale breads, sprinkle with water and bake in foil paper for 10 minutes. So they will be fresh.


The most delicious stale bread recipes

You can chop stale bread into bites and roast it in a Then break the egg on it You can make it for breakfast by adding spices.

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You can chop stale bread into small pieces and roast it with onion, butter and olive oil. You will be amazed by its flavor.

Cut stale breads into cubes and lay onions on it, then soak these breads with the broth of bone-in meat. If you wish, you can sprinkle parsley.

After cutting the breads, fry them in oil and add a little water and close the lid. Thus, you will get soft, fresh and fatty breads.

Cut the breads into cubes and fry them. Then mix the egg, milk, salt and amulet. Cook an omelet from this mixture and add the bread and tomatoes that you cut into cubes and fold it in half.

Fry the stale bread with margarine. Then add tomato paste and eggs. Season with black pepper and fry it all. This mixture can be eaten with tzatziki or salad.

Soak the stale bread and squeeze it with your hand. Some ground beef, onion, cumin, ground beef bahaMix and fry with salt. It can be eaten alongside tea.

Soften 1 stale bread by sprinkling water on it. Then grate a coarse cheese. Add parsley, eggs, onion, salt, meatball spring and cumin and knead stale breads. Then cut it into small pieces and spread it first to the flour and then to the egg. Serve with a toothpick.

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Cut stale bread into cubes and spread on a baking tray. Mix egg, milk, baking powder and oil and pour over these breads. If you wish, you can also add cheddar cheese, sausage and sausage to make bread pizza.


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