These products that we eat every day are harmful to men

Milk and dairy products are very good for health.

They improve the intestinal microflora, strengthen the immune system and protect bone health. However, scientists from Harvard University have discovered the unexpected disadvantages of these useful products.

It has been found that sperm quality deteriorates significantly in men who consume dairy products frequently.

According to foreign media, 189 men aged 19-25 took part in the experiment. At the beginning of the experiment, the participants were completely healthy and their sperm counts were within the norm. Participants were instructed to increase the consumption of dairy products in the diet.

After a while, men were examined and it was found that sperm quality decreased by 25% in men who consumed 3 or more servings of dairy products per day.

Although scientists do not recommend men to give up dairy products completely, they do recommend reducing their consumption of these products.

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