The terrorist organization PKK has the civilians detained in Syria dig tunnels

The proven fact that Turkey is making ready for a brand new operation in opposition to the areas held by the terrorist organization PKK/YPG, which takes benefit of the authority vacuum in northern Syria, alarmed the terrorists.

In order that; As a way to enhance and develop the tunnels they use to cover, they now make the civilians they detain work like slaves and maintain them in cells ready in the tunnels.

Regardless of the commitments of the USA and Russia, the YPG/PKK terrorists, who didn’t withdraw from the Syria-Turkey border line, proceed to dig tunnels in the Manbij and Aynularab districts in the northern countryside of Aleppo province.

The terrorist organization PKK makes the civilians it detains in Syria dig a tunnel – VIDEO

He has cells constructed in tunnels for the civilians he has detained.

The terrorist organization is constructing cells in some tunnels it has dug 4 meters below the floor to carry the detainees in the rural areas of Manbij and Aynularab.

Cells the place civilians have been stored have been seen

Anadolu Company has photographed a few of the tunnels in these areas the place cells that can be utilized for torture are situated. Tunnels about 2 meters excessive and 1 meter extensive are related to one another. Inside the tunnels are excavation instruments, cells, crenellated doorways, air flow gaps and energy strains.

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The terrorist organization PKK has the civilians it detained in Syria dig tunnels #1

In addition they use civilians detained in tunnel excavations

YPG/PKK is digging tunnels in the areas it occupies in Syria, particularly in areas near the border line, for the function of resisting army operations, infiltration and sudden assaults.

The YPG/PKK is digging these tunnels in the rural areas of Aleppo, in the provinces of Haseke, Deir ez-Zor and Raqqa, in the civilian settlements it occupies.

The terrorist organization PKK has the civilians it detained in Syria dig tunnels #2

In keeping with the info AA obtained from native sources, YPG/PKK terrorists are utilizing a few of the civilians they detain in unlawful tunnel excavation works.

YPG/PKK, which has dug tunnels a whole lot of kilometers lengthy in completely different areas it occupied in Syria, is strengthening the tunnels it continues to construct with concrete in opposition to air assaults.

Many tunnels, the place the organization was constructed or unfinished, have been unearthed in the areas cleared of YPG/PKK with Operation Olive Department and Operation Peace Spring.

The terrorist organization PKK has the civilians it detained in Syria dig tunnels #3

Regardless of the agreements, they didn’t withdraw from Manbij and Aynularab

Turkey had made separate agreements with the USA and Russia throughout the Peace Spring Operation, which it began on October 9, 2019.

Promising that the YPG/PKK will withdraw from the space 30 kilometers deep from the Turkish border, the USA has not stored its promise but.

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Russia, on the different hand, had promised that they’d enter YPG/PKK terrorists with their weapons as of October 23, 2019, to make sure that they have been faraway from the Turkey-Syria border 30 kilometers away. The Russians additionally promised that terrorists from the terrorist organization YPG/PKK can be expelled from Manbij and Tel Rifat with their weapons.

Nevertheless, the terrorists didn’t withdraw from Aynularab on the Syrian-Turkish border line and Manbij area of Aleppo, 30 kilometers from the border.

The terrorist organization PKK makes the civilians it detains dig tunnels in Syria #4

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