The sun’s rays reflecting off the ground also burn

Stating that the solar burns not solely the rays coming from the sky, however also the rays mirrored from the ground, Dermatologist Dr. Eda Hashal defined the precautions to be taken.

With the summer season season, the greatest nightmare of the residents who wish to get pleasure from the seashores and swimming pools is sunburn. Generally painful sunburns may cause blisters and an infection on the pores and skin. Explaining what must be finished to guard from the burning results of the solar, Düzce Atatürk State Hospital Pores and skin Ailments Specialist Dermatologist Dr. Eda Hashal emphasised that the actions throughout the day ought to be finished earlier than 10:00 in the morning or after 16:00 in the night.

The rays of the sun reflected from the ground also burn #1


Stating that the most typical instances in summer season are sunburns, Hasal stated, “Sufferers might not discover this inside 1-2 hours after which come to us with extreme burns. We have now basic precautions for this. It’s like not doing our intense actions exterior between 10:00 and 16:00, resembling leaving these actions for later hours. You’ll be able to also get pleasure from the poolside after these hours or It could be extra acceptable to do it first. Or we suggest staying in the sunshades on the solar loungers, we suggest utilizing sunscreen, carrying a hat and long-sleeved shirts that can cowl our legs and arms.” stated.

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Stating that long-sleeved garments shield not solely the rays coming from the sky, however also the solar rays mirrored from the ground, Hasal continued his phrases as follows: “There will be burns on our physique with mirrored gentle. If we use sunscreen with an element of 30-50 each 2-3 hours, it is going to present satisfactory safety. Particularly for youngsters below 5 months outdated, we suggest conserving a shade aside from sunscreen and making certain that kids and fair-skinned individuals don’t stay in the solar. They’re much extra delicate to sunstroke. And oldsters might discover these signs a little bit later. Sunburns may cause complaints resembling not solely redness, however also weak point, a little bit extra stagnation. In sunburns, which we name ‘sunstroke’ in adults, fatigue, extreme fever, nausea, There could also be signs resembling vomiting. It’s essential to watch out in such signs, particularly in kids, but when these signs happen in adults, they need to undoubtedly go to a specialist as quickly as potential. What they’ll do when there are complaints resembling redness, pity, chilly functions. Utility with a chilly towel for 20-Half-hour. They’ll relieve the space by taking the irritation of that space, then with ache reduction gels, painkiller drugs and stress-free lotions. This isn’t sufficient, water bubbles are shaped, if the ache is growing, it’s essential to use to the well being establishment.

The rays of the sun reflecting from the ground also burn #2


Stating that some strategies utilized at dwelling may cause pores and skin infections, Dr. Eda Hashal, “We don’t suggest utilizing issues resembling yogurt, milk, tomato paste at dwelling. It could possibly present short-term reduction, however we don’t suggest such functions as a result of it will increase the danger of an infection in open wounds brought on by the bursting of water bubbles. The finest they’ll do is chilly functions with a moist towel, dressings. Such actions are older strategies. “We do not suggest it as a result of it is too costly. Let’s not use such strategies when there are higher alternatives.” stated.

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Stating that the dangerous rays of the solar burn not solely when it’s perpendicular, however also with the rays mirrored from the ground, Hasal stated, “Mirrored rays also carry dangers. Regardless of how a lot we put on our sunscreen, put on our hat, and keep in the shade, we will tan with out getting burned. This exhibits that our pores and skin is uncovered to solar rays, even when it’s not severely burned.” he stated.

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