The most common causes and treatments for vaginal pain

Vaginal pain will be as a consequence of quite a lot of causes. Irritation, trauma, or varied infections corresponding to urinary tract infections, yeast infections, and sexually transmitted infections may cause vaginal pain.

Some causes of vaginal pain signs will be handled or prevented at house by following some primary hygiene pointers. Fungal infections will be handled with over-the-counter drugs. Different causes of vaginal pain, together with all sexually transmitted infections, will have to be evaluated and handled by a physician. The threat of sexually transmitted infections will be tremendously diminished with the proper strategies of contraception.

In case you’re experiencing vaginal pain, you are prone to expertise these as nicely:

– Feeling of itching

– Vaginal discharge

– Vaginal dryness

– Lesions or blisters

– Unhealthy scent

– burning sensation

– Pain throughout sexual activity


There are a number of causes of vaginal pain, together with an infection, irritation, or trauma. Viral and bacterial infections, whether or not sexually transmitted or not, may cause lesions, pain, discharge or itching. Yeast infections and urinary tract infections may trigger vaginal pain. Irritation from hygiene merchandise or vaginal dryness may trigger pain. Much less generally, vaginal pain signs are as a consequence of trauma or vaginal pain syndrome.


Vaginal pain will be brought on by the next infections.

Viral infections: Some viruses may cause vaginal an infection and pain. Most of those viruses are sexually transmitted. Some viruses may cause lesions or blisters on the surface of the vagina, which will be very painful.

Bacterial infections: Some bacterial infections may cause signs of vaginal pain. Some bacterial infections, corresponding to chlamydia and gonorrhea, are sexually transmitted. Infections corresponding to bacterial vaginosis aren’t sexually transmitted.

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Yeast infections: Yeast infections are a common reason for vaginal discomfort or pain. They usually current with itching and vaginal discharge.

Urinary tract infections: Micro organism can unfold to the urinary tract and trigger an an infection within the urethra. This may trigger pain in and across the urethra, particularly burning throughout urination.


The causes of irritation of the vagina could also be associated to the next.

After menopause: After menopause, pure lubrication within the vagina decreases. This may trigger vaginal dryness, inflicting irritation or pain.

Topical irritation: Many issues can irritate the surface of the vagina, and cleaning soap or lotions and completely different hygiene merchandise may cause pain.


Different causes of vaginal pain could also be associated to:

Pain syndromes: Vaginal pain syndromes are a much less common reason for vaginal pain. They sometimes current with pain throughout sexual activity or vaginal penetration.

Trauma: Any trauma to or across the vagina may cause pain. Pain normally happens after sexual activity.

Publish-natal: It is common for girls to have vaginal pain or soreness after giving beginning.


Fungal infections consequence from modifications within the steadiness of microscopic organisms within the vulvar and vaginal areas. The time period “yeast an infection” is most generally used to explain signs brought on by the fungus Candida albicans.

Signs embrace itching, burning, and redness of the vaginal and vulva.


Bartholin’s gland is situated on the surface of the vagina and is accountable for fluid manufacturing. Bartholin’s duct abscess could happen on account of the obstruction within the gland and the bacterial an infection within the collected fluid.

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The important signs are; vaginal pain, painful intercourse, swelling on the surface of the vagina, and a lump within the vagina.


A Bartholin’s cyst is a fluid-filled mass that may develop close to the vaginal opening. They are often painful or painless and are brought on by a buildup of fluid in a small gland close to the vaginal canal.

Signs embrace painless swelling predominantly close to the vaginal opening, in addition to pain or discomfort within the vaginal space with or with out exercise. Bartholin’s cysts don’t routinely require remedy. Painful or misshapen cysts will be handled utilizing plenty of completely different surgical choices to empty or utterly take away the cyst. Small Bartholin’s cysts that do not hassle you want no remedy.


Lichen sclerosus is a power pores and skin illness that presents with white, wrinkled, skinny patches of pores and skin. This discomfort normally happens within the anus and genital areas.

The major signs of lichen sclerosus are bruising, bleeding, irritation, vaginal itching or burning, vaginal pain, painful intercourse, dry pores and skin on the surface of the vagina, painful urination, in addition to pores and skin modifications within the affected areas. Lichen sclerosus is benign however may cause vital discomfort and disfigurement. Remedy choices embrace topical and oral drugs, phototherapy.


Most cancers of the vulva is most cancers of the outer a part of the feminine genitalia. The most common signs embrace vaginal discharge, vaginal itching or burning, vaginal pain, painful urination, vaginal lump.

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The most common causes and treatments for vaginal pain #2


The greatest methods to handle or forestall vaginal pain can begin at house. You possibly can contemplate the next choices.

Hygiene: Use light, unscented soaps exterior the vagina and keep away from utilizing merchandise contained in the vagina. Keep away from shaving if it irritates the encircling pores and skin.

Over-the-counter medication: Yeast infections will be handled with over-the-counter drugs. Nevertheless, in case you are not sure of the reason for your signs, see a physician who can diagnose the issue.

Stopping contagious infections: Use the mandatory safety strategies to stop the transmission of sexually transmitted infections.

In case your vaginal pain worsens or persists, it’s best to see your physician. Your physician could suggest the next for remedy.

Antibiotics: In case your signs are as a consequence of bacterial vaginosis, a urinary tract an infection, or a bacterial an infection corresponding to gonorrhea or chlamydia, the physician will prescribe antibiotics.

Different medication: There are a number of topical and oral drugs that may assist with vaginal dryness. If in case you have a viral an infection, the physician could prescribe antivirals.

Referral to a specialist: If the physician suspects that you’ve got vaginal pain syndrome, they might refer you to a specialist who diagnoses and treats the situation.

If in case you have extreme vaginal pain, search remedy instantly.

This listing shouldn’t be medical recommendation and will not be an actual illustration of what you could have.

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