The floor you exercise on causes meniscus tear

Consultants say that the meniscus tear can recur, particularly in athletes, and that is why the sports activities floor must be clean. Noting that the meniscus is without doubt one of the most necessary tissues within the physique, Yeditepe College Kozyatağı Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Onur Kocadal emphasised the significance of early prognosis and remedy in meniscal tears. Assoc. Dr. Kocadal underlined that if the meniscus is broken, the knee may be broken to an incredible extent, and in addition defined what must be executed to forestall these issues.


Stating that meniscus tears are continuously seen in athletes and the aged because of degeneration, Assoc. Dr. Kocadal, “Meniscus tears are tears that may be seen in each the aged and younger individuals. Within the aged, there are sometimes tears because of degeneration and put on of the knee joint; at an earlier age, a trauma manifests itself within the type of acute tears, which the affected person marks a sure second. Though it’s principally seen in athletes, it must be remembered that it’s an damage that anybody can expertise whereas strolling.” he mentioned.

Assoc. Dr. Kocadal talked concerning the complaints and signs that may be skilled in case of meniscus rupture: “We frequently encounter issues akin to locking within the knee, ache, incapacity to stroll, incapacity to completely open or shut the knee in individuals with meniscus tears. The menisci are the shock absorbers of the knee. If this construction isn’t current, our cartilage may even be broken prematurely, thus inflicting untimely injury to our knees. Due to this fact, you will need to diagnose early and intervene earlier than the tear progresses additional and calcification develops within the knee.”

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In meniscal tears, firstly, the situation of the tear was evaluated and giving details about the remedy strategies, Assoc. Dr. Kocadal, “On account of our analysis, if the tear is severe and opened inside the joint, then we are likely to take it. Nevertheless, for the reason that meniscus is a vital tissue, our main intention is to stitch and restore it. Due to this fact, we try to protect all of the meniscus tissue that may be preserved.” mentioned.

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Reminding that meniscus tears are prone to recur after remedy, Assoc. Dr. Onur Kocadal, “The tear can happen in the identical place or develop in a special place. We may additionally encounter issues such because the failure of the seams we have now made after repairing. Nevertheless, 70 % of repairs are profitable.” he mentioned.

Assoc. Dr. Onur Kocadal defined the measures that may be taken to forestall injury to the meniscus as follows: “If there are discomforts akin to ache, snagging, locking, incapacity to open the knee, it is vitally necessary to seek the advice of a health care provider first and apply the mandatory remedy. Nevertheless, one other necessary level is the prevention of tears. For this, there are some precautions that may be taken in day by day life. One in all these measures is to do sports activities on the fitting floor and to heat up earlier than beginning the exercise. Even after the remedy of meniscus tear, one shouldn’t be too hasty to return to sports activities and the physique and knee must be rested.”

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