Sugar increases the risk of bowel cancer in women

Dr. Teacher Member Ebru Karcı mentioned that the risk of bowel cancer increases by 32 % in women who eat 350 milliliters of sugary meals day-after-day.

Stronger information had been obtained in research on weight problems in women. He confirmed that the enhance in adipose tissue triggered some cancer mechanisms together with the enhance in the estrogen hormone in women. Based on a examine performed at the College of Washington, the price of colon cancer elevated by 32 % in women who recurrently eat sugar above a sure price, Dr. from Medipol Mega College Hospital Medical Oncology Division. Teacher Member Ebru Karcı warned about weight problems in women.

Sugar increases the risk of bowel cancer in women #1


Stating that sugary drinks trigger a rise in breast and uterine cancers, Dr. Teacher Member Karci, “We see extra cancer varieties in individuals over the age of 50 with weight problems illness or genetic predisposition. In the examine performed in the USA, we see that colon cancer increases at a sure price in individuals who eat 350 milliliters of sugary meals day by day. As a result of glucose is a substance that accumulates in the physique, it reveals its impact over time. It stimulates the pancreas, inflicting the secretion of insulin. This increases weight problems. It was additionally noticed that the incidence of breast and uterine cancers elevated in these sufferers. Aside from this examine, a rise in prostate and abdomen cancer was additionally discovered.” used the phrases.

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Declaring that processed sugary meals additionally enhance the risk of cancer, Ebru Karcı used the following statements: “Meals containing sugar, apart from the sugar from fruit, pose a hazard. These meals set off each weight problems and a few cancer mechanisms in the physique. We should always eat complete wheat bread as an alternative of white bread. We should always avoid processed meals. There are critical research exhibiting that sweeteners trigger bladder cancer. Diabetic sufferers have an elevated risk of bowel cancer. Extreme consumption of fatty meals is dangerous to our well being. Forty-five minutes of brisk strolling is required day-after-day. If needed, we have to change our way of life. Thus, we cut back the risk of cancer. There are information exhibiting that processed and grilled meats enhance the risk of cancer, particularly bowel cancer. Cigarettes and alcohol additionally enhance cancer considerably, so we must always avoid them.”

Declaring that the risk of creating cancer is 4 instances larger in individuals with weight problems, Karcı mentioned, “Abdomen and bowel cancer are extra widespread in weight problems sufferers. In women, breast and uterine cancer elevated. Prostate cancer is on the rise in males. Cancers happen attributable to 50 % environmental components. In cancers, 15% are attributable to familial transmission, whereas 35% are attributable to mutational problems.” used the phrases.

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