Russian Ministry of Defense: Ukraine lost 23 thousand 367

Whereas the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been occurring for a very long time, mutual essential statements proceed to come back from the officers (*23*) the events.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky mentioned that Ukrainian navy casualties have been between 2,500 and three thousand.

Spokesperson (*23*) the Russian Ministry (*23*) Protection Igor Konashenkov responded to Zelensky’s allegations.

“Zelensky misleads the general public about numbers”

Konashenkov In his assertion, arguing that President (*23*) Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky misled the general public concerning the figures, “We’ve got dependable knowledge on the precise casualties (*23*) overseas mercenaries and different navy items, in line with figures that Zelensky is reluctant to disclose to the Ukrainian individuals. Zelensky misleads the general public concerning the figures. The entire loss right now is 23,367 individuals. We are going to publish paperwork (*23*) the Ukrainian casualties and knowledge on their burial locations quickly.” he mentioned.

Russian Ministry of Defense: Ukraine's loss is 23 thousand 367 #1

“Ukrainian navy tools areas destroyed”

Spokesperson (*23*) the Russian Ministry (*23*) Protection Igor KonashenkovNoting that many navy installations belonging to Ukraine have been hit, “Throughout the day, 15 enemy targets have been hit with high-precision missiles. Among the many hit targets have been Ukrainian military areas and tools areas within the settlements (*23*) Barvenkovo, Frontier, Popasnaya, Novosvanovka, Krasnoarmeysk, Selidovo, Novobakhmutovka. Consequently (*23*) the operations, greater than 320 Ukrainian troopers have been killed and injured. “23 armored autos and seven particular autos have been destroyed. Throughout the day, 67 factors and Ukrainian navy tools areas have been destroyed by operational and tactical plane.” used the expressions.

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Russian Ministry of Defense: The loss of Ukraine is 23 thousand 367 #2

“The cargo aircraft that was transport weapons to Ukraine was shot down”

In accordance with the information (*23*) UAV, Ukrainian targets have been hit with missiles. Konashenkov, “Missile items attacked 274 positions and areas (*23*) focus (*23*) enemy troops, 24 checkpoints and 317 navy areas, together with two gas depots (*23*) Ukrainian troops. A big-scale weapon delivered to Ukraine by Western international locations with air protection methods within the Odessa area (*23*) Russia A Ukrainian navy cargo aircraft carrying a transport was shot down within the air. As well as, 2 Ukrainian drones have been shot down over the settlements (*23*) Lozovaya and Merry. All city areas (*23*) Mariupol have been utterly cleared (*23*) Nazi Azov militants, overseas mercenaries and Ukrainian troops. Their solely probability to save lots of their lives is to voluntarily lay down their arms and give up.” mentioned.

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