Reasons why we can’t end a toxic relationship that isn’t good for us


1-Concern of loneliness

Concern of being alone can drive you to remain in harmful relationships for the easy motive that it is higher to have an imperfect accomplice than to be single.


Social stress can typically make you suppose that being single or alone is a damaging factor. However in actuality there may be completely nothing mistaken with that.

32-Experiencing a lack of self-confidence

2-Experiencing a lack of self-confidence

Research additionally present that folks with shallowness issues have a tendency to remain in unhealthy relationships.


After such a lengthy publicity to abuse and toxic conduct, it may be simple for folks to fall into the entice of believing that their accomplice is accountable for their conduct.


Low self-confidence additionally causes folks to query their very own price and what they add to the relationship.

63-Feeling personally responsible for the partner and their actions

After an disagreeable scenario or confrontation, the emotional abuser will typically flip the scenario round and trigger their accomplice to really feel responsible or, if not, in some way at fault.


This conduct normally develops steadily, making it troublesome for the particular person to note what’s going on. Feeling anxiousness, confusion, and an lack of ability to belief your self and your actions are indicators of this.

84-Belief that things can change

Many individuals in toxic relationships typically keep put as a result of they love their accomplice and consider that sooner or later issues will get higher or the relationship may be salvaged.


They could additionally assume that their accomplice’s unhealthy behaviors are the results of troublesome circumstances and that they’ll in some way change the relationship. However actually, issues worsen over time and the relationship turns into an increasing number of broken.

105-Fear of rejection

One more reason is rejection, that is, the rationale why these folks keep in an unhealthy relationship is as a result of they concern rejection sooner or later. That is why they get connected to their companions in an unhealthy means, even when it makes them sad.

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