Probiotic support for suhoor: Kefir

Not all micro organism are unhealthy. Some, just like the probiotics present in yogurt, may help with every thing from digestion to treating zits.

Yogurt is touted as a probiotic superhero, however at the very least as a lot probiotic-packed kefir as yoghurt, it usually stays within the background.

Kefir is often made by fermenting cow, goat, or sheep milk utilizing a polysaccharide bacterial tradition referred to as kefir. Historically, kefir is produced from cow’s milk and kefir grains, which comprise a mixture of dwell micro organism and yeast to advertise fermentation. Not too long ago, along with kefir produced from cow’s milk, it’s now potential to search out kefir produced from goat, sheep, almond, coconut or soy milk.

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The dietary values ​​of 1 cup of kefir are as follows:

Calorie: 105 kcal

Carbohydrate: 6.4 grams

Protein: 6

Oil: 6

The fermentation that turns milk into kefir eats up a number of the sugars within the milk. In comparison with 1 cup of milk, which incorporates 9 grams of carbohydrates, 1 cup of kefir incorporates 6.4 grams of carbohydrates. When changing milk to kefir, fermentation doesn’t change its fats content material. Kefir made with entire milk incorporates 6 grams of fats. The fats composition of entire milk leans towards the saturated selection, with 62 % saturated, 30 % monounsaturated, and 4 % polyunsaturated fat. Regardless of saturated fats’s unfavourable fame, many consultants consider it presents protecting results for coronary heart well being when consumed in full-fat dairy merchandise. Like a glass of milk, 1 glass of kefir gives 6 grams of protein.

Kefir is wealthy in calcium. 1 cup of kefir incorporates about 240 milligrams of calcium. It additionally incorporates good quantities of vitamin A and sodium.

Probiotic support for suhoor: Kefir #2


Kefir is nice for your digestion. Kefir will get most of its ‘wholesome’ standing from its probiotics and is very nice if you happen to’re battling bloating or irregular bowel actions. Probiotics are identified to spice up digestive well being and increase immunity by colonizing the intestine with useful microorganisms that assist take away different dangerous micro organism.

Research present that kefir incorporates extra sorts of actual micro organism and extra good micro organism than yogurt. Whereas most conventional yogurts comprise just a few sorts of probiotics, kefir is thought to comprise as much as 12 varieties. Whereas researchers have not pinpointed precisely what micro organism you want or how a lot it’s best to devour every day, it is probably that taking extra of them will likely be higher for your digestion.

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Calcium Bomb

Everyone knows the significance of calcium, which is a vital mineral for the formation of robust bones. Each women and men aged 19 to 50 ought to goal for 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day, however analysis reveals that almost all of the inhabitants isn’t getting sufficient calcium. 1 cup of kefir incorporates 240 mg of calcium, making it an ‘wonderful’ supply of calcium.

Consuming sufficient calcium is likely one of the finest methods to enhance bone well being and enhance bone energy whereas stopping osteoporosis, a bone illness that’s particularly prevalent in Western international locations. Kefir is a good supply of calcium, but additionally incorporates vitamin K2. This vitamin helps your physique metabolize calcium and enhance its absorption by bone cells, which suggests the calcium in kefir is far more bioavailable than different dairy sources.

Gives quantity of protein

We’d like protein to construct bones, muscle tissue and new pores and skin cells. Plus, this necessary macronutrient can preserve you full for longer, which may help you drop a few pounds. 1 cup of kefir incorporates 6 grams of protein. That is about the identical quantity you’d discover in conventional yogurts and the identical quantity you’d get from an egg, and it is a fairly spectacular dose.

It’s loaded with potassium

Potassium’s well being resembling reducing your blood stress and relieving muscle cramps regardless of its quite a few advantages, many individuals fall effectively behind the beneficial 4,700 mg per day. The largest purpose for that is that potassium is discovered largely in fruits, greens and dairy merchandise, and about 90 % of us do not eat sufficient of those merchandise. 1 cup of kefir incorporates about 300 mg of potassium, and is a good supply of potassium.

It’s antibacterial

Kefir incorporates some compounds which are distinctive to this beverage and have antibacterial properties. Because of this they’ll defend the physique from infections by combating dangerous micro organism. One among these compounds is the Lactobacillus pressure, and research present it could inhibit the expansion of many dangerous micro organism, together with Salmonella and E. coli. Kefir additionally incorporates a carbohydrate referred to as kefiran, which has an antibacterial impact when used each topically and internally.

Could alleviate allergic reactions and bronchial asthma

Allergic reactions are the results of an inflammatory response from the physique in response to an environmental substance that’s really innocent. If in case you have allergic reactions, you in all probability have a hypersensitive immune system, which makes you extra prone to situations like bronchial asthma. Whereas the connection between kefir and allergic reactions has solely been studied in animals up to now, outcomes present that kefir can suppress the inflammatory responses despatched by the physique, leading to fewer allergy and bronchial asthma signs.

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Improves oral well being

Kefir helps oral well being in a couple of alternative ways. First, it incorporates all of the important vitamins your enamel must thrive in an easy-to-absorb kind. Second, kefir incorporates lactobacillus micro organism, which kills and inhibits the expansion of unhealthy micro organism that trigger tooth decay.

Helps the pores and skin

Your pores and skin is your physique’s largest organ, and lots of consultants argue that pores and skin well being is a mirrored image of what is going on on in your intestine proper now. It will not take lengthy for you to note enhancements in your pores and skin, as kefir helps rebalance the intestine. Observe that you could additionally use kefir topically, because it has been confirmed to help wound therapeutic whereas defending the connective tissues. When you endure from zits, the lactic acid and antibacterial properties of kefir can actually assist alleviate this pores and skin situation.

Could defend towards most cancers

Most cancers is likely one of the most typical causes of loss of life on this planet, and kefir is one thing that would doubtlessly assist defend the physique from most cancers. Whereas probiotics are believed to have the flexibility to cut back the expansion of carcinogenic cells within the physique, they’re additionally identified to stimulate the immune system to struggle towards them. The outcomes of science-backed research on the topic up to now are promising, however these are at present solely test-tube research and haven’t but been examined on people.

Helps to drop a few pounds

Some sorts of probiotics in kefir could assist weight reduction.

Lactobacillus gasseri: Will increase the dimensions of fats molecules, which suggests you soak up much less fats out of your meals.

Lactobacillus paracasei: Regulates your fats burning price and reduces fats storage within the physique

Lactobacillus rhamnosus: Triggers the physique to launch leptin, a hormone that will increase satiety.

Has a detox impact

Kefir helps detox the physique in a number of alternative ways. Specifically, it destroys aflatoxins. These are widespread toxins present in meals resembling corn, soy, wheat, and vegetable oils. Each time you drink kefir, the lactic acid micro organism in it bind to the aflatoxins in your physique after which assist flush them out.

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Probiotic support for suhoor: Kefir #3


Whereas some folks discover nice advantages from kefir, it is necessary to acknowledge that this isn’t true for each physique. The gastrointestinal tract is complicated and will need to have the suitable stability of micro organism to perform correctly. Including different sources of micro organism could cause uncomfortable side effects, particularly within the first few weeks. Normally this happens within the type of intestinal cramps, bloating, diarrhea and gasoline, however with continued use these uncomfortable side effects go away.

It is estimated that round 65 % of individuals have bother digesting lactose, a sugar present in milk and different dairy merchandise. However even if you happen to scrapped the milk carton years in the past, your possibilities of consuming kefir are excessive. Though kefir does comprise some lactose, it has micro organism in it that eats that sugar, so kefir incorporates decrease lactose than different dairy merchandise. However this isn’t the case for folks with milk allergic reactions, wherein case it’s higher to offer desire to kefir produced from plant-based milk.

Probiotic support for suhoor: Kefir #4


When selecting kefir, research the label of the drink, which signifies its composition. Excessive-quality kefir is produced from pasteurized milk and fermentation of dwell lactic acid microorganisms. It’s higher to purchase plain varieties, and never flavored ones. Plain kefir could style barely bitter, however fruit-flavored choices, resembling yogurts, can have a variety of sugar.

You may as well make kefir your self at residence. All you want is milk and kefir grains. Put kefir grains in a jar and iton the temperature Add the milk to the kefir yeast. Use 1 tablespoon of kefir grains per 1 liter of milk. Then cowl the jar with a fabric or paper towel and rubber band. Depart it in a darkish place out of the solar for 48 hours. Get your kefir by passing the fermented milk by a strainer. You should utilize the kefir grains remaining within the strainer as yeast once more.

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