Pay attention to skin spots caused by the sun

Dermatology Specialist Dr. Gülbiye Güler mentioned that safety from the sun in summer season is essential for skin well being.

Sunspots, freckles, lentigos and moles improve on the skin due to the intense sun rays in summer season months and spending longer time outdoor and by the sea. As well as, other than the sun, the spots could also be due to the genetic construction of the individual, the hormonal standing, the medicine he makes use of and the skin illnesses he has had. Stating that sun-related spots are often seen on the brow, cheeks, nostril again and higher lip, Dermatology Specialist Dr. Gülbiye Güler talked about the significance of sun safety for skin well being.

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Personal Medicana Bursa Hospital Dermatology Specialist Dr. Gulbiye Guler, ”If the spots are from childhood, they’re freckles. It’s vague in winter, and its colours change into darker with spring. It’s commonest in the face space. It’s seen in those that have blond and pink hair construction. It has genetic options. Melasma, on the different hand, is seen in adults and principally in girls, the trigger shouldn’t be recognized precisely. It’s situated on the face, it’s seen on the brow, cheeks, higher lip and nasal dorsum. The incidence is larger in individuals with darkish skin, throughout being pregnant, taking hormone medicine, and people with iron deficiency anemia. It will probably additionally occur to those that work in locations the place there are lamps that emit sturdy mild, those that work in entrance of the pc and spend a very long time. Lentigo is sunspots seen in adults over the age of 40. They’re bigger than freckles, ranging in measurement from a couple of millimeters to a number of centimeters. It’s attribute that they’re sharply circumscribed and darker brown in shade. Additionally it is often known as age spots. These are everlasting in all seasons. Colours might darken barely in summer season. Lentigo happens on the again of the palms, forearms, face, shoulders and again of fair-skinned individuals. It’s extra noticeable on the sun-drenched facet of those that drive for a very long time. It may be seen intensely in individuals who work outdoor and sunbathe so much. mentioned.

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Güler acknowledged that there’s a rise in the variety of moles and darkening of their colours throughout the summer season months, with the exception of sunspots. ”Since the essential reason for skin cancers is UV rays, if now we have moles with irregular shade which can be newly fashioned in the physique, they need to positively be proven to a specialist. Completely different therapies might be utilized in accordance to the depth of the remedy pigment and the kind of stain. For remedy, the winter season, when there isn’t a sun, ought to be most popular. Whereas newly fashioned spots might be opened simply and rapidly, long-term sun spots might be cussed. In remedy, bleaching lotions, chemical and enzymatic peels, PRP, mesotherapy, dermapen and varied laser strategies might be utilized. mentioned.

Laughs, “Sun safety ought to be began from childhood. Don’t sunbathe between 11:00 and 16:00 when the sun’s rays are intense. When going out in the sun, a wide-brimmed hat, glasses and long-sleeved white linen garments ought to be worn. 50 issue sunscreens in opposition to UV AB, appropriate on your skin kind, ought to be utilized to your open areas. These ought to be renewed each 3-4 hours and utilized at dwelling 20-Half-hour earlier than going out. If sunspots will not be taken care of after the remedy, they’ll happen once more rapidly.’‘ mentioned.

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