Natural solution for skin blemishes: Apple cider vinegar

exp. Dr. Şule Bilici Geçer acknowledged that apple cider vinegar obtained by pure fermentation provides a pure solution towards skin stains and lifeless hair.

Natural formulation are at all times most well-liked in skin and hair care. Chemical compounds in beauty merchandise don’t have the identical impact on everybody; could cause skin and scalp irritation. After all, these with allergic and delicate buildings needs to be cautious when utilizing pure merchandise. Specialist from Medipol Pendik College Hospital Dermatology Division. Dr. Şule Bilici Geçer made statements in regards to the significance of apple cider vinegar as a pure solution to hair and skin issues.

Natural solution for skin blemishes: Apple cider vinegar #1


Stating that apple cider vinegar has an antimicrobial property and purifying the skin from lifeless skin, Uzm. Dr. Sule Bilici Move, “You should use apple cider vinegar as a tonic to assist pimples therapy. If a drying software is desired on pimples, it needs to be diluted in half and used. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be left on the skin, it should be rinsed. used the phrases.

Saying that apple cider vinegar containing pure acids might be efficient in eradicating each solar and age spots, Dr. Dr. passes, “In each circumstances, apple cider vinegar shouldn’t be utilized on to the skin with out dilution. Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a liter of water and gently apply it to the issue space with cotton wool, then rinse. made statements.

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Natural remedy for skin blemishes: Apple cider vinegar #2


Stating that vinegar can also be used within the medical therapy of lice, Uzm. Dr. passes, “Combing the hair with vinegar water accelerates the therapy and makes it more practical. Since direct contact of vinegar with the skin could trigger irritation, it shouldn’t be used on the scalp with out diluting it. he stated.

Emphasizing that the unsuitable use of vinegar will trigger irritation on the skin, Dr. Dr. He concluded his speech as follows: “Despite the fact that apple cider vinegar is named a product that’s regularly utilized in conventional therapy strategies, its use, particularly in excessive concentrations, could cause irritation on the skin. Subsequently, it needs to be utilized by diluting it. It needs to be utilized gently to the skin and should be rinsed with water. Contact with open wounds needs to be prevented and a specialist dermatologist opinion needs to be used earlier than software. needs to be taken and used to assist therapy.

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