His leg was snatched by a shark: 6 years later, the female was given

Australian Surfer Chris Blowes misplaced a leg in 2015 after being attacked by a shark.

Six years after the occasion, the surfer allowed to cover the shark’s tooth“It might appear foolish to have this, however that is the legislation” stated.


Blowes, who made a assertion to the press on the topic, used the following statements;

“It appears foolish that I could not have it at first, contemplating the shark had taken my leg and its tooth was caught in my wooden, however that is what the legislation says.”


Since then, I was not allowed to see the female. I might by no means kill a shark for its female, however I do not see any cause to cover it because it ripped off my leg. I will not get my leg again and the shark’s tooth.”

Concluding his assertion, Blowes stated that police imagine he saved his surfboard and tooth when it washed up on the seaside after the assault.


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