He stole money from the safe when he saw the sleeping cashier in Russia

In the metropolis of Kirov, Russia, the 29-year-old robber realized that the cashier in the market was asleep and took motion.

Figuring out that the cashier was asleep at the cashier, the robber stole 12 thousand rubles (1,214 TL) from the safe and rapidly fled from the scene.

The second of the theft was mirrored in the safety digital camera of the enterprise.

He confessed his crime

In the footage, it’s seen that the cashier in the market is sleeping on the couch and the thief is emptying the safe.

It was realized that the robber, who was detained by the police, confessed to his crime.

WATCH on digital camera the theft second of the thief, who took benefit of the incontrovertible fact that the cashier in the market was sleeping in Russia

When he saw the sleeping cashier in Russia, he stole money from the safe #1

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