Explosives found in Tel Abyad

Within the operations carried out by the safety forces in the Tel Abyad countryside in the Operation Peace Spring area; An explosive hidden in the bottom was detected in the empty area.


Within the search made by the groups; 12 anti-personnel mines, 8 Israeli-made bolstered anti-personnel mines, 2 detonator teams, 4 grenades, 9 push-type change techniques, 4 receiver circuits, 3 key techniques, 5 kg aluminum powder, 2 handmade bolstered with 2 kg iron balls explosive, 5 meters lengthy cortex, 1 ignition system and 5 metallic stakes used for trapping have been seized.

The safety measures in the area proceed by the groups that destroyed the seized explosives in a managed method.

Tel Abyad

Tel Abyad

Explosives found in Tel Abyad #4

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