Excessive use of painkillers leads to severe kidney diseases

Stating that uncontrolled, extreme consumption of painkillers will increase the danger of growing persistent kidney illness, kidney illness is changing into extra frequent, and one out of each 6 individuals in grownup age teams in Turkey suffers from kidney illness, from the mildest to probably the most intense stage. prof. Dr. Sedat Üstündağ warned in opposition to misuse of painkillers and gave recommendation.


Kidney illness will be attributable to many causes reminiscent of diabetes, weight problems, extreme salt use, smoking, and uncontrolled drug use additionally causes nice harm to the kidneys.

Lengthy-term use of painkillers is a crucial trigger of persistent kidney illness, particularly in feminine sufferers aged 30-70 years. Our residents ought to know that if the sum of the medicine taken as a easy ache reliever exceeds 1 kilogram all through his life, it isn’t attainable for that individual to not have an effect on his kidney. When it reaches 2-3 kilograms, you should have kidney illness that’s severe sufficient to require dialysis or transplantation.

It shouldn’t be used constantly with out the recommendation and management of the physician. Medication that seem to be low in weight can attain kidney-damaging ranges with their steady use over time.

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These painkillers are usually 500 milligrams, should you use them twice a day, it’s 1 gram, and in a 12 months it’s 365 grams. When used constantly for 3 years, it has already reached 1 kilogram. Now your kidney illness has began. As soon as kidney illness begins, it’s normally progressive and leads to dialysis until very strict measures are taken. Whenever you use these medicine uncontrollably for 6-7 years, your danger of end-stage kidney illness has elevated rather a lot. Saying ‘I use one a day’ doesn’t scale back the danger.

With out the approval of the doctor, these medicine shouldn’t be used for a very long time as a result of “it’s good for my knee ache or headache”. If we do that, we could have added a really large downside to our downside. You probably have a headache, you could be a blood strain affected person, you may repair it with blood strain regulator remedy, and eradicating it with painkillers can open the door to one other downside.

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