Early diagnosis is important in congenital heart disease

Cardiovascular Surgical procedure Specialist Assoc. Dr. Arda Özyüksel made statements about congenital heart disease in infants and remedy strategies.

Routine check-ups throughout being pregnant are important for toddler well being. Within the controls made in the fifth months of being pregnant, it is attainable to look at the heart illnesses of the newborn and to observe a remedy plan in keeping with the newborn after beginning. Stating that at the moment, congenital heart disease (CHD) is detected in 6-12 infants per 1000 dwell births, Assoc. Dr. Arda Özyüksel warned the dad and mom in regards to the difficulty.

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Assoc. Dr. Özyüksel stated: “Right now, the Fetal Cardiology department, which offers with the heart well being of the newborn in the mom’s womb, has grow to be a really important discipline that features screening, diagnosis and remedy interventions, counseling in regards to the continuity of being pregnant, beginning planning and postnatal remedy. Pediatric cardiology is among the many staff working in this discipline. Along with specialists in neonatal, intensive care, obstetrics and cardiac surgical procedure, threat elements for CHD in infants could be grouped into 3 primary teams: maternal elements, fetal elements and familial-genetic elements. Examples of pregnancies are: diabetes mellitus in the mom, metabolic illnesses in the mom (a metabolic disease we name phenylketonuria), autoimmune-immune system illnesses in the mom, publicity to sure medicine in the mom (lithium, some epilepsy medicine, retinoic acid, oral blood thinners). reminiscent of assisted reproductive expertise pregnancies used. The danger will increase if there is a historical past of CHD in the household and siblings, rhythm issues detected in the newborn in the mom’s womb, and elevated child nuchal thickness is detected.

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Stating that the heart constructions of the newborn in the mom’s womb grow to be seen on ultrasonography after 18 weeks, Assoc. Dr. Ozyuksel, “Though the most effective photos are obtained at 24-28 weeks, fetal echocardiography purposes are sometimes carried out between the 18th and twenty second weeks of being pregnant. Within the case of CHD in the unborn child, counseling and social assist to the household are additionally important. The primary functions of the counseling in this era are as follows; clearly, scientifically and realistically sharing the attainable penalties of the disease with the household, and presenting choices for the continuation of being pregnant or the remedy of the newborn. It is reported that delaying elective supply till the thirty ninth week in the case of CHD in the newborn impacts the outcomes positively. Intervention to the newborn’s heart in the womb is nonetheless restricted Nonetheless, in chosen circumstances, the connection between the aorta and pulmonary valve of the newborn and the atria could be interfered with. used his statements.

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