Croatia reacts to Viktor Orban’s naval statement

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s statement on Croatia brought about rigidity between the 2 nations.

European nations are discussing the problem of oil purchases from Russia.

“In the event that they hadn’t taken our sea…”

Prime Minister Orban, in his statement on the provision of Russian oil final week, reminded that Hungary had management of the Adriatic coasts for some time.

Hungarian chief, “Touchdown nations can carry oil by tankers. In the event that they hadn’t taken our sea, we’d have a port too.” mentioned.

“We condemn the declare”

In a statement made by the Ministry of Overseas Affairs of Croatia, Orban’s statements have been condemned, “We condemn any declare to the territory of sovereign states.” statements have been included.

In accordance to the information of AA, it was famous within the statement that Hungary’s Ambassador to Zagreb was summoned to the Ministry after Orban’s phrases focusing on Croatian lands.

pointed to Rijeka

In the meantime, it’s said that Orban is pointing to the Croatian Adriatic metropolis of Rijeka, which Hungary misplaced with the Treaty of Trianon signed after the First World Battle.

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