Chemicals in toys can cause premature puberty

Pediatric Endocrinologist Prof. Dr. Mehmet Boyraz stated that the chemical compounds in toys that create a hormone-like impact cause early puberty.

Hormones and components in the meals we purchase, local weather modifications and bodily circumstances, plastic supplies used, chemical compounds which have a hormone-like impact in toys can additionally provoke early puberty. Alternatively, fast-food fashion and synthetic industrial merchandise and consuming habits can cause weight problems, which can result in early puberty, offered that the physique fats ratio will increase. Stating that the circumstances of precocious puberty have elevated in the world and in the nation in current years, Medicana Worldwide Ankara Hospital Pediatric Endocrinology Specialist Prof. Dr. Mehmet Boyraz warned mother and father.

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Stating that some benign tumors and central nervous system ailments are among the many causes of precocious puberty, Prof. Dr. Boyraz stated that the sooner the onset of puberty is, the extra probably there’s an underlying illness.

Boyraz additionally gave details about the signs of early puberty. “The primary symptom in women is enlargement of the breast tissue, adopted by hair progress in the genital space and armpits. With the onset of the primary menstrual bleeding, the early puberty course of is accomplished. The primary symptom in males is enlargement of the testicles. Testicular progress is adopted by penile enlargement, genital and armpit hair progress, voice thickening, and enhance in physique muscle mass. Subsequently, if the above-mentioned signs are current earlier than the age of 8 in women and earlier than the age of 9 in boys, and if menstruation begins earlier than the age of 12 in women, a pediatric endocrinologist ought to be consulted. made its evaluation.

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Stating that precocious puberty can be stopped with medication that suppress rising hormones, Prof. Dr. Boyraz informed that the therapy was continued till the age of 11 in women and 12 in boys. Mentioning {that a} drug administered in the type of a vaccine is normally used each 28 days or each 3 months, Boyraz stated that after the therapy is terminated, the traditional puberty course of resumes between 6 months and 1 12 months.

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