Can diabetics consume honey instead of sugar?

Diabetics are all the time suggested to consume a nutritious diet that helps handle wholesome blood sugar ranges. Uncontrolled diabetes adversely impacts completely different organs of the physique and results in critical issues.

When selecting meals for a diabetes weight loss plan, it is very important take into account the impact of the meals consumed in your blood sugar. Consumption of candies, sweets, cookies, and different candy treats could cause blood sugar to spike. There are additionally different pure kinds of sugar, akin to honey, maple syrup, and far more. So, are you able to change white sugar with these pure varieties of sugar?


Vitamin and Weight loss program Specialist Serkan Sıtkı Şahin revealed in his assertion whether or not diabetics can add honey to meals and drinks:

“It’s believed that folks with diabetes can consume honey or different various varieties of sugar instead of sugar. However all of that is in the end transformed to glucose as soon as it enters the physique.

Diabetics who consume any of these might expertise a big enhance in blood sugar. Subsequently, it might be clever to keep away from different varieties of sugar as nicely. If you wish to sweeten your espresso or tea, you should utilize a restricted quantity of synthetic sweetener.”


You can begin by consuming a balanced meal. Including fruit to your meal can assist you beat sugar cravings. Diabetics can eat seasonal fruits carefully.

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Additionally, when your sugar craving comes, attempt to distract your self. Generally you are both thirsty or hungry, and that is usually mistaken for sugar cravings. So attempt consuming water, having a wholesome snack, or doing actions that may distract you.

Managing stress also can assist diabetics. Whenever you’re harassed, you are extra more likely to consume extra energy or one thing candy.

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