Burial without coffin and shroud was approved in Germany

In Germany’s Bayvera state, the decree of being buried with a shroud got here to the agenda in the sixtieth 12 months of Turkish immigration.

Though the problem of burial without a shroud and coffin was enacted in 2019, it couldn’t be applied.

In a letter despatched by State Well being Minister Klaus Holetschek to SDP Bayvera Deputy Arif Taşdelen, he mentioned that burial with a shroud without a coffin may start as of April 1st.


Arif Taşdelen, the primary Turkish-origin and the one member of the Bavarian State Meeting, acknowledged that his wrestle bore fruit on the finish, and mentioned:

“Since I was elected to the parliament, that’s, for 8 years, I’ve centered as regards to being buried in a shroud, with Turkish mom tongue classes in our faculties, in addition to many different topics. I was no more profitable in the Turkish mom tongue lesson, however immediately I’m glad that I was profitable in being buried with a shroud, that’s, without a coffin. And I need to give this excellent news to all Muslims in Bavaria. As of April 1, we are able to solely bury our deceased family right here in shrouds.”

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Deputy Taşdelen, “Our folks haven’t been in a position to dwell as they need for 40-50 years. I’m very glad that in Bavaria, at the least once they go on their final everlasting journey, they will go nonetheless they need. I’m very glad that we have been in a position to obtain this in Bavaria. In Nuremberg, a spot for Muslims has been allotted in the cemetery since 2008. A whole bunch of Muslims are resting in peace right here, and they will now be buried in a shroud in accordance with their customs, traditions and religions.” used his statements.

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Burial without coffin and shroud approved in Germany #2


German Hessen State CDU Deputy İsmail Tipi evaluated the letter acquired from Bavarian Well being Minister Klaus Holetschek to Arif Taşdelen. Kind used the next expressions:

“Mr. Minister factors out that the mandatory work is being carried out shortly, however there’s a want for time for a last decree to be issued, and a attainable decree may in all probability begin on April 1 below the earliest circumstances. In fact, it is a excellent intention and a honest perspective for the implementation to take impact as quickly as attainable. The Bavarian State Authorities will probably take a call in this regard and implement it quickly. That is already the parliamentary resolution and the federal government’s view.”


Muslim Turkish residents who’ve handed away for years in Germany are buried by leaving the lid of the coffin open and soil on the shroud.

For that reason, most Turks take their deceased family to their hometowns in Turkey by means of the Spiritual Affairs Turkish-Islamic Union (DITIB) and bury them right here.

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