African writer Aidoo told the colonial past of Western countries

The African continent has been exploited by many Western countries in the past.

Whereas each the floor and mineral sources of the continent have been confiscated, the languages ​​of the related Western countries have been additionally imposed as the obligatory language of schooling.

The query “The place would the West be with out Africa?”

Ghanaian writer Ama Ata Aidoo used hanging statements about the West’s colonial motion in Africa.

Aidoo, whose speech was on the agenda once more on social media, “Take a look at us since we met you (whites) 500 years in the past. We have given the whole lot. The place would the Western world be with out Africa?” used the phrases.

African writer Aidoo told the colonial past of Western countries ViDEO

“We did not get something in return for all this”

Stating that merchandise and beneficial property similar to cocoa, timber, gold, diamonds and platinum utilized by the West belong to Africa, Aidoo mentioned, “That is the fact. What did we get in return for all this? Nothing!” mentioned.

Aidoo argued that ailments similar to AIDS and tuberculosis originated from the West, however Africa was accountable.

“Whites have a look at us like we’re ‘monkeys'”

“We did not have such a nasty coughing illness till the whites got here right here.” The African writer mentioned:

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“Now we have nothing for Africa given to Europe. The whites have a look at us like we’re ‘apes.’ That is true, and it is in your written work. Some of your greatest thinkers have mentioned this about us. Have you ever heard? I imply all these Germans.

Lord Burton… {People} like him mentioned we do not even have brains like animals. That is what we bought from you people! Who mentioned AIDS got here from a inexperienced monkey?”

African writer Aidoo told the colonial past of Western countries #2

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