7 sneaky habits that dry out your skin

1. You drink an excessive amount of water

Though it might sound contradictory, consuming an excessive amount of water can truly harm your skin. Whereas consuming an excessive amount of water is essential for our total well being, extreme quantities of water may cause your physique to lose important minerals. This impacts your skin, inflicting it to look lifeless and boring.

2. Lengthy showers

A protracted, sizzling bathe will be a good way to chill out after a busy day. Nonetheless, sizzling water removes the oil and moisture your skin wants to remain plump and vibrant.


The longer you bathe, the drier your skin will probably be. It’s preferrred to take quick heat showers utilizing gentle soaps that won’t harm your skin’s protecting barrier.

3. You apply your moisturizer on the fallacious time

Apply your moisturizer whereas your skin remains to be damp, somewhat than drying your face after which making use of cream. It will assist you to lock the moisture into your skin. Identified for his or her porcelain skin, Korean ladies apply moisturizer simply 3 seconds after washing their faces.

4. Forgotten heels

Sporting socks in mattress might help you sleep higher, stop sizzling flashes, and hold annoying heel cracks at bay. Making use of cream and carrying socks can scale back the dry skin on your heels.

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5. Rubbing your face with a towel

Rubbing your skin with a tough cotton towel can dry and irritate delicate skin. Enable your skin to dry by itself to keep away from additional irritation.

6. Consuming eggs too typically

Though eggs are an important supply of protein, overeating may cause skin dryness. Eggs are excessive in vitamin A, and consuming too many can negatively have an effect on your skin. Specialists advocate to not devour greater than 3 eggs a day.

7. Utilizing the fallacious moisturizer

Utilizing a product appropriate for your skin sort will assist stop water from evaporating too shortly from your skin and hold it moist for longer. Nonetheless, if you don’t use a moisturizer appropriate for your skin sort, you will be unable to get effectivity from the product.

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